Yoga Poses To Get You Bikini Body Ready

Yoga Poses To Get You Bikini Body Ready

In the springtime, you want to set new goals and utilize the potentiating energy of the season. Spring is the time to clear out any residue from the winter months, both physical and mental. To clean the body you must turn the body into a pump, draining the lymph nodes and clearing out stagnation. These poses will help you to clean the body from the inside out, and get you bikini body ready.

Walking is not yoga but outside of yoga, it’s the best exercise you can get. In New York where I grew up, you walk everywhere. Out here in LA, you wouldn’t walk to the corner store. It’s so important for the muscles of your feet, legs, and back. The best way to get walking is to adopt a dog so you’re forced to get out there.

Down Dog –  Modified Up Dog
Bend your knees in downward dog and lift the sit bones up to the ceiling. Maintaing a long waist and a backbend in the lower back, drive down through the index and thumb knuckle so you can be in the center of your palm and the center of the bone of your arm. From down dog, keep your toes tucked and swing your pelvis through. Be sure to maintain straight arms, to bend your knees in down dog and to drive back through the heals in up dog.

Knee to Nose
From a bent knee downward facing dog, lift the right leg up and flush the groin. Make some circles with the knee and clean up the fold of your hip. From there, extend your leg and make body your long – stretched – through the reach of your arms and legs. Take the knee to the nose and make the body very small. Tap your upper right arm and then left arm 10x. Switch sides and then repeat right and left sides twice.

Rocking Forwards and Backwards
Lie on your back and hug your knees into your chest. Begin to rock forwards and backwards on the back-body. Allow momentum to speed it up and make the movements bigger and bigger until eventually you are moving from a bent knee standing forward fold to a plough pose lying on your back with your legs over your head and toes touching the floor.


Warrior Two
From down dog, step your right foot forward and turn your back heal down with the toes pointing in about 15 degrees towards the front of the mat. Make sure the front foot is totally strait and the knee tracks over the heal. Embody the archetype of the warrior. Look out past your finger tips and envision your goal straight ahead of you.

Seated Spinal Twist
Sit with your legs extended and hug your right knee into your chest. Reach your opposite (left) arm up and hook the elbow onto the outside of the knee, twisting to the right. Drive the elbow into the knee and the knee back into the elbow for better leverage. Think that you are twisting from the depths of the belly up through your antenna, as you take your gaze past your right shoulder and look with your left eye, opening and expanding your vision.

-Sian Gordon is owner of Love Yoga in Venice Beach, where she teaches daily

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