Winter Lip Service With Sara Happ

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Winter Lip Service With Sara Happ

Dry lips, who dis? Everyone in winter. With a myriad of products on the market that promise to save and hydrate our precious pout, we decided to ask the OG lip expert, Sara Happ, creator of the original lip scrub and other vital products for all of our lip-loving needs, how to get our pucker to stay hydrated, smooth, and kissable, despite the climate.

Beauty Banter: Why do our lips get so much more dehydrated in winter?
Sara Happ: Harsh weather, travel, and more! Our lips are the only part of our body lacking oil glands, so they really can’t help themselves. They are going to dry out if you don’t topically hydrate them, and cold wind zipping past them really doesn’t help the cause.

BB: Dry winter lips are no joke… what do you recommend for healing and repairing?
The best way to heal dry, chapped lips is to begin with a TRULY emollient balm, not one that dries you out, as most do. It’s the lip industry’s dirty little secret: you are addicted to your lip balm. The more you use, the drier you get, so the more you need to use! Vicious cycle. We formulated our Lip Slip to do the exact opposite. The Lip Slip Balm hydrates with polymers and essential oils that your skin drinks in. It glides on like a thick, yummy cashmere blanket. We also made a night cream for your lips version called The Dream Slip to tackle issues overnight when your skin naturally rejuvenates itself. Here’s the trick: sleep with The Dream Slip on for just one night and wake up (your Dream Slip will still be there, hydrating, I promise), and then scrub your lips with the Lip Scrub to remove the dead skin. Your lips will be smooth.

BB: What ingredients should we be looking for in our lip products to hydrate and soothe?
SH: Truly hydrating ingredients like jojoba and grapeseed oil; you can’t go wrong with these time-tested ingredients.

BB: Any ingredients to stay away from?
SH: Anything with irritants like alcohols in your balm. Some scrubs also have really harsh ingredients like little pieces of almond that can be rough and cut your lips. That’s why I use sugar in my Lip Scrubs, since it’s gentle but still does the best job removing that top layer of dead skin.

BB: How/why did you come up with your lip scrub?
SH: I created The Lip Scrub in 2005 out of sheer necessity. I’m a magazine lover and beauty junkie who kept reading editors say: “exfoliate lips with a wet washcloth or toothbrush.” That seemed crazy to me! I have a scrub for every other part of my body, so why were there none for my lips? I googled the term “lip scrub” and nothing came up! I got a fire in my belly and to my kitchen I went. The Lip Scrub was born using mixing bowls and spatulas. I was obsessed with my formula, and I had a strong sense that other people would be, too.

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