Winter Affairs: The Scents To Wear This Winter

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Winter Affairs: The Scents To Wear This Winter

“As the light leaves sooner, the air turns colder, and the days get shorter, the pleasures of the senses grow fonder of sound, site, taste, and smell.  This winter, it seems that the lights have been dimmed to a soft golden glow, a sensual hue surrounding long evenings of wine, candlelight, and sultry affairs.

Winter Fragrances To Wear Now:

Fresh Love: Cologne Indelebile by Frederic Malle ($50) is a light in the depth of the winter sky. With salt, air, orange flower, citrus, dry woods, and a lot of musk, this bright, fresh and crisp perfume will whisk you away to your favorite holiday or your new lover’s clean sheets.

Innocent Love: Le Jardin de Monsieur Li by Hermes ($135) is the first snowfall on a brisk Saturday morning.  The purity of the wet muguet and jasmine floralcy is like a kiss on the forehead after a sweet long walk, hand-in-hand, after breakfast for two.

Sensual Love: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo ($28) is a lustful moment with a beautiful stranger.  Without fully committing to a perfume for skin, this dry shampoo allows you to flirt with the creamy, buttery, woody sandalwood notes and flip your hair in the direction of love whenever the moment strikes.

French Love: Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme ($80) is the final course in a romantic, candlelit dinner with Leonard Cohen singing, “A Thousand Kisses Deep”, the taste of molten chocolate cake still sitting on your lips and a glass of Amaretto waiting for indulgence.  Not shy to say or scared to announce, this perfume yearns to be seductive.

Deep Love: The Night by Frederic Malle is the longest, darkest, deepest evening of the winter months.  Locked in to the night, this perfume is for lovers, addicted to the heat and the pleasure. A true oud: woody, creamy, spicy, dirty, divine, elegant, and mysterious, The Night is not for the faint of heart or for those with the fear of love.”

— Dawn Goldworm, co-founder and scent director of, an olfactive branding company that creates scent identities for luxury brands around the world

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