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We don’t care who won or lost, we don’t even care who’s wearing what. We do, however, care Who Gives Best Face! Hair, makeup, skin – that’s how we do it!

Here’s the hot -and not-so-hot – faces of the 60th Annual Primetime Emmys!

And the Nominees for Best Face are:

America Ferrera – Definitely not “ugly” here (I know, so cliched!). America looks sizzling! Love the Old Hollywood glam side part with soft curls. And the red lips work (perfect hue of deep red, easy on the orange) – a very simple eye – just liner and lashes. And P.S. that necklace is stunning (very Old Hollywood). She’s working it out!

Brooke Shields – Beautiful! Brooke gets better with age (how is that even possible – she was such a hottie in those child-faux-porn Calvin Klein ads a million years ago). The soft curls, long, thick hair, dark eyes, light lips, great skin – she litterally glows (or maybe it’s a photoshop situation – the pic does look a bit “digitized.”)

Christina Applegate – Not loving the beehive hair. The lips are a little too plum for her complexion. Christina actually looks fab with a bright red lippy – she should’ve rocked the red! **Editor’s Note:** After watching the Emmys, it looks like Christina did in fact rock the red while presenting… we def like that look better on her!

Christina Oh – Something’s just amiss. Not sure what – maybe it’s the side pony… doesn’t really mesh well with her circular face. I am digging the silver on the inner corner of her eyes – but the hair is really messing with me. Or maybe it’s the lip color. She should’ve done less brick and more red.

Cynthia Nixon – What happened to her Sex and the City hotness? She looked SO fab on the SATC press tour. This look is so… average. I guess it’s good-bye sexiness, hello (again) Miranda. P.S. That hair do could be easily mistaken for a bad wig, no?!

Eva Longoria Parker – There’s just nothing natural about this look! There is such a thing as too much makeup (and too much spray tan). Those eyes are very, very black. And honestly, not dying over that slicked hair – it’s like she used Tony Parker’s pomade! Oh, and the lips – is that cover-up? It’s so chalky looking (and way too nude)! Shame.

Hayden Panettiere – She looks too sophisticated (I mean, she is only 18) and she has such a sweet face. This hair do up is a tad too”done up.” Side swiped, off-center bangs just aren’t doing her justice. I miss her long hair! It was so gorge. I do like the lippy – it’s a great nude shade for her complexion.

Heidi Klum – She always looks great… then again, she’s a supermodel – it’s her job to look hot! The side bun works on Heidi and frames her chiseled face perfectly! But she could’ve used a Tweezerman Lash Separator on those lashes – they’re a tad clumpy!

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Okay, I can’t get passed the hair. WHAT IS THAT?! Is she hiding a rat in that nest??? She needs to fire her hair stylist – asap. Enough said.

Kate Walsh – I love red lips on the red carpet but this entire look is a little too harsh. The hair, the eyes, the lips – it’s all so aggressive! P.S. I’m sensing a trend here – The Gwenie Do(yes, she is the trendsetter on this one) – a blunt, below-the-chin cut. Hmmm… are we feeling it?

Kathy Griffin – Oh MY God, what IS THAT ON HER HEAD?! Not only does she look like Carrot Top’s long lost sister, those extension are quite possibly the worst I’ve ever seen! And let’s not even discuss the makeup (except to say that it totally washes her out) – the hair is frightening enough. At least she’s funny…. kind of.

Kelly Kruger – Our very own Kelly (she’s one of the leads in my film – click HERE to have a look of Kelly on-set) is rocking it! Love the soft curls pulled back into a loose bun on the nape of her neck. And the makeup looks amazing (the well-defined, full and shapely brows are awesome – we’re having brow envy)! We’re so proud, we’re actually tearing up!!!

Kristen Chenowith – She looks perfectly lit – like she’s at a photo shoot! Gorge long hair (extensions? Who cares… it looks hot – and healthy!), great makeup (dark eye/soft lip done right), glowing skin. Job well done!

Kyra Sedgwick – Again, the old Hollywood glam side part with full, soft curls… Perfection! She looks fab and super healthy! Aging does Kyra well (I hope I look that hot at her age).

Lauren Conrad – Let’s just pretend for a minute that we understand what she’s doing at the Emmys (isn’t she a reality chick?!?), Lauren looks amazing! Maybe the best she’s ever looked. Soft curls, pulled back into a messy, Grecian-styled do; beautiful makeup – not too done up, it’s just right. Eyes emphasized with dark, cat-eye liner and major lashes, pale lips and an absolutely glowing complexion (and by glowing we do not mean fake tanned!).

Mary Louise Parker – Her hair is a little frizzed (she could use some Kerastase Olio Relax on that mane). Makeup is nothing special – lips are actually a little too neon purple. She kinda looks like she always does. I’m not floored.

Olivia Wilde – Wow… she is SO gorge, we’re feeling a girl-crush coming on. LOVE the makeup – brown and gold eye makeup bring out her incredible baby blues, not to mention that stunning sparkling shell-colored lippy. And that hair is so beautiful – a soft and sexy, pulled back do that completely compliments the makeup… (Side Note- I’m obsessed with this dress- favorite dress of the night for me!). The entire look is glam meets Grecian. Perfection!

Teri Hatcher – Ehhh – She looks exactly the same as she always does. Couldn’t she have mixed it up a bit – changed the hair, the mug, even the lipstick?! Actually, I do feel like her hair is looking a “tad crunchy” – product overload???

Tina Fey – She looks pretty, not to die, but a decent attempt. Although, I do sorta wish that she had worn her hair in that beehive french twist with her eye-glasses. She really does channel that Sarah Palin chick!

Vanessa Williams – Does she ever look bad?! Can she ever look bad?! Hair up or down, natural or dramatic makeup – Vanessa always pulls it off! This look is all about a glam eye – lots of lashes with a light lip. Loves it!

SO, who do YOU think gave BEST FACE???
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