WHISHfull thinking…

WHISHfull thinking…

What smells great, looks great and feels great against your skin?
And NO, it’s not a man.
Introducing Whish Body Products for all of our shaving needs!
Here’s the deal. Shaving doesn’t have to be a dreaded event. Whish has come up with a shaving system designed especially for women that is delightfully delicious.

First step is the Shave Crave. Basically, it’s shaving cream, except it doesn’t smell like a cheap bouquet of roses. Instead, the shave crave comes in three irresistable flavors: pomegranate, lemon grass and almond. Very sophisticated.
I used the pomegranate and I swear to you, I will never again subject my legs to that cheap Gillette nastiness again. The shave crave comes in a fabulous looking glass jar – something you’ll actually want to display on your shower shelf. And it lathers up to just the right amount… not gooey, but clean for an equally clean, quality shaving experience.

Then comes the Shave Savour in the same three yummy flavors. It’s basically the female version of after-shave. It has the same consistancy of a water-downed gel and it instantly soothes just-shaved legs for a silky soft, touchable feel. It’s heaven.

Thanks to Whish, I will never again look at shaving my legs as a chore!

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