What’s The Deal With Tinted Dry Shampoo?

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What’s The Deal With Tinted Dry Shampoo?

I’m a pure sucker for dry shampoo – it’s one of my desert island must-haves. I stock up on it and get all panicky when I run out. It literally is the BEST product to extend the life of your just-washed (or salon styled) hair.

So now dry shampoo comes in colored formulas. Klorane (my personal favorite), Moroccan Oil, even drugstore-favorite Batiste… all have a tinted dry shampoo. But what exactly is tinted dry shampoo? Why choose a tint when the colorless is supposed to be just that — colorless. Well, the truth is, no dry shampoo is actually transparent. They all leave a bit of a whitish hue (easily removed by massaging the product into your scalp and allowing the hair oils to absorb the powder). So these colored formulas are supposed to match up with your roots…some even say they’re a Godsend for covering greys and/or roots in between hair color. My blonde-haired friend swears by the Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo Light Tones ($26) for this exact reason.

I, however, have not been as lucky. My hair color is on the ombre spectrum – dark roots that fade into light ends, so to find a dry shampoo shade dark enough for my roots that won’t disrupt the blonder areas of my hair is next to impossible. Yes, I am aware that dry shampoo is only misted on the scalp (although I actually like to use it all over my hair to give a more undone, voluminous look), but it always gets on lower parts of your hair, especially if you really “lather” it into the scalp as I do (to get rid of all of the oils). Plus, all of the colored dry shampoos I tried were more of a medium-brown so they left a tinted residue in my hair regardless. Maybe my problem is that I just didn’t go dark enough on the tint? But, to be honest, who has time to color match their dry shampoos? If it says it works for dark roots, I want it to mask my roots – period.

Quite honestly, the tinted residue was a lot harder to mask than the whitish one from clear dry shampoos. I loved the idea of a dry shampoo that could cover greys and growing roots, but, sadly, it didn’t work for me.

Alas, I will be sticking with my trusted color-free dry shampoos. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

If you’re a lighter brunette or a blonde, perhaps you’ll have better luck. Shop the tinted dry shampoos below:

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