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Who hasn’t tried C.O. Bigelow’s mint-insfused lip gloss? (I mean, they were even giving them out at Coffee Bean with any coffee purchase!)
Well now, they come tinted. Minty fresh breath and a hint of color all-in-one…. I’m loving it!
My pick, Mentha Lip Tint in Pink. It’s super shiny with the mildest dose of light pink to glam up any pucker. I use it for day and to apply over other darker colors for night. It also plucks the pucker.
Can you imagine all this for 5 bucks?!


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Did you know that your elbows are a tell-tale sign of your age? Dry Elbows = Aging Mamasita.
Try moisturizing AT LEAST twice a day… after a shower all over… and at least once before bedtime in the most intimate of areas – hands, feet and elbows. My pick for best hydration AND cleanest smell (not like a perfume) is Biotherm’s Lait Corporel Anti-Drying Body Milk. It’s light weight and non-greasy, and it smells like a freshly cut orange peel.
A word (or several…) from the company:
This everyday body milk provides three-way action to repair flaky skin, restore skin’s protective barrier and protect its natural elasticity. With its silky texture the lotion penetrates easily into skin, helping it recover a smooth and satiny appearance.

The best twenty bucks you will EVER spend on your body!!!


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A dashingly handsome man spots you from across the bar. He smiles, exposing his pearly whites, and fingers you toward him. You blush, the perfect blend of reds and pinks.
It’s hard – practically improssible – to bottle up such a precise color. Apparently, the chemists at Nars have been hard at work doing just that.
The other day, a friend said to me, “People don’t blush hot pink. They blush rose.” Then she showed me Nars’ Outlaw Blush: a shimmery rose color that is as close to the real thing as you can get. I tried it… and immediately fell in love… blushing all the way to my local Nars counter.
This is my pick for Spring blush… CLICK HERE TO BUY!
Tres Jolie!

WEEKLY MUST-HAVE: Scott Barnes Body Bling

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Celebrity make-up artist Scott Barnes knows a thing or two about make-up (he’s got an amazing color line to boot) and celebrities for that matter (he paints the skin of such A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and J.Lo). He is an industry favorite and now, he is a personal favorite too. I have just discovered (during New Years in Miami Beach) my most favorite body bronzer in all of the land: Body Bling in Platinum.

This tinted body moisturizer saved me major skin damage due to sun exposure… I kid you not, it made my skin glow better then the real thing (the harsh Miami sun).
A word (or several…) from the company:
“The lotion feels luxuriously moisturizing and skin softening. This is a fun body makeup for people who want to show off their gorgeous bare skin. The difference is a noticeable radiance.”
They call it the Hollywood glow… I call it the ultimate glow.
Tried and tested… I felt sexier, softer and bronzer… like a perfectly highlighted sun goddess!
Thanks Scott!

(above: Annie (left) and Sarah (right) on New Years Eve. The Delano. Miami Beach. Both soaked in Platinum Body Bling)


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If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then it’s crucial to put your best eye forward! Susan Posnick’s Color Coated Mascara is a winter must-have! Not only does the mascara lengthen those lovely lashes, but the other side of the wand boasts a fabulous brow gel!
Susan is make-up artist to the stars including Cindy Crawford, Amber Valletta and Diane Lane and her line consists of four perfectly usable and necessary products (like the amazing ColorFlo coverage powder with brush attachment). The two-in-one mascara and brow gel is just the latest in her fantastic line! And for a limited time, our luck beauty banter readers can be among the first beauty lovers to try this product… all you have to do is write in and tell us your Winter beauty routine and five lucky winners will receive their very own beauty banter Holiday present!
Trust me. This is a product you NEED in your make-up bag. Your eyes will flutter in appreciation!


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I’m a smoker (gasp) and not proud of it. Besides pre-mature wrinkles, stained teeth and bad breath, not to mention chest and lung issues, smoking is less then glamorous. Bottom line, smoking stinks! And I mean, everywhere! On your skin, clothes, car and hair. And then just yesterday, I received a great little package filled with delightfull smelling hair fragrances. Being the hair fanatic that I am, I was cautious to try out this new product. What if it stripped my color? Or even worse, died my hair? Or maybe it would cause breakage? (Ironic, I know, considering all of the damage the ciggies are doing to my insides). But being an unbiased reporter means putting yourself on the line, even if that means testing a product on my million dollar mane. Alas, I have fabulous news! These hair fragrances ROCK!!! Not only do they smell divine, they are also alcohol free AND they won’t cause frizziness! Plus, they’re not so over-powering as to distract from an everyday perfume!
Pure & Petal Hair Fragrances come in four sinfully yummy aromas: sublime citrus, heavenly clean, linden blossom and summer passion (pictured). And even if you’re not a smoker (which I hope you aren’t!), we all know that over-washing your hair leads to dull, thinning, broken, stripped locks. So now there are no excuses! Take care of that hair… and smell fresh in between washings!
To purchase Pure & Petal Hair Fragrances, CLICK HERE!


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I recently ran out of my skin-saving astrigent, Kiehl’s Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion, and I haven’t had a moment to drive over to the Kiehl’s store on Robertson Blvd. Thus, in a bit of a skin pinch, I began rummaging through the containers of random beauty products that I have tucked away in every corner of my house. Low and behold, I found my new favorite skin product: Celibre’s Vitamin C Antioxidant Cleansing Pads (left). God knows where these appeared from, but they have become my new saving grace. I have normal to oily skin that has a tendency to break-out during the most inopportune times (like right before an event…) so my daily skin routine is vital in maintaining a healthy appearance. These Vitamin C pads are pre-soaked in a special solution that not only cleans out the pores (you can tell it’s working when you start to feel that slight tingle…), but also leaves my skin looking youthful, fresh and almost plump (in a good way… like my skin just soaked up a myriad of vitamins or drank a liter of water!).
A word (or several) from the company:
These unique Antioxidant Cleansing Pads are specially formulated with antioxidants and citrus extracts to gently cleanse the skin. The pads remove skin oil and debris while leaving behind a rich blend of skin enhancing antioxidants and citrus extracts.
Not to say that I will never return to my Blue Astrigent Herbal Lotion, but I’ll definately be giving these fabulous pads some face time!


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(me posing in Cover Girl’s Smoothwear Lip Tints Barely Berry, #210)
Anyone who has read this blog knows that I have a fondness for red. In an August post, I wrote a Weekly Must-Have citing Stila’s POPPY convertable lip color as the “Bentley of all reds…”
Well now I stand corrected.
On a recent shoot that I did, a friend of mine turned me onto Cover Girl’s , a new product by the Procter & Gamble team. I reluctantly tried the gloss over my Labello Cherry chap stick (another red-tinted lippy) and to my surprise, I actually loved the way that it made my lips look. It wasn’t hooker red yet it gave my pucker the desired “volume” (plump) that so many red glosses cease to create. It also wasn’t gooey or smelly and it didn’t bleed into the cracks of my mouth (another MAJOR problem with reds…). So, kuddo’s to Cover Girl and their new and improved line of lip tints. I’m a major fan!

Try , #210 (right). The perfect blend of gloss and color – a chic red worn alone or over your favorite lip stick.


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It’s been awhile, I know. But I’ve been crazy busy with a myriad of beauty inspired projects (to be discussed in later blogs…).
So let’s move on to some beauty banter. This week’s must-have is a product that I recently resurrected from the mucky shelves of my bathroom. It’s a product that I purchased some time ago in my favorite vacation spot, St. Barth. It is also a product with various uses (a “two-in-one” if you will). Ligne St. Barth’s Avacado Oil (see below) is a fabulous skin AND hair oil that moisturizes and replenishes dry, broken and chapped areas of the body.

I use it in conjunction with a regular lotion to add shine and lustre to my skin. And I even use it on the tips of my hair to help calm the frizzies. It smells delicious too – not too potent but subtle enough to evoke a “just been on vacation” aura.
The back of the bottle reads: “Applied on damp skin it’s softening and soothing. As an oil bath on damp hair (30 min.), it gives renewed vitality, life and body to your hair. Wash out with a mild shampoo.”
However you choose to use the oil, I can assure you that this product will become one of your absolute favorites!
P.S. Take a look at the ENTIRE line of Ligne St. Barth body and hair products!


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I’m pretty psycho when it comes to my skin (I’ve actually had a couple of dermatologists ask me to find medical advice elsewhere…). Ever since my mother unknowingly offered me a magnifying mirror as a young child (the kind that lights up and magnifies your pores to the size of small craters…), I’ve been a picker. I know, it’s not a good look. But the smallest imperfection leaves me obsessive and totally insane. I don’t try many different face products… in fact, up until recently, I didn’t even use face cream (always eye cream, however).

But then a friend told me about Jurlique’s Calendula Cream (she hyped it by saying that Michelle Pfeiffer (right) swears by the products… and hey, lets be honest here, Michelle has fab skin!) and I’ve been hooked. The Australian based company uses all natural, fragrance free ingredients. It’s ideal for sensitive skin types (like mine). The calendula cream can be used as a face moisturizer or a cream for any chapped area of your body. It smells divine and works like a dream – never oily or greasy, always soothing and fresh leaving your skin glowing like a light bulb!
A word (or several…) from the company:
Calendula Cream is a powerful moisturiser for any skin type. Contains a high percentage of Calendula extract, which soothes and calms the skin. Calendula Cream is an excellent moisturiser for chapped or sun exposed skin.
Hey, if it’s good enough for Michelle Pfeiffer, it’s good enough for us!
Try it and let us know your thoughts!!!

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