WEEKLY MUST-HAVE: Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

WEEKLY MUST-HAVE: Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

Envision this: It’s late at night. you’ve just gotten home from an evening of drinking and dancing. You’re exhausted and the last thing you feel like doing is washing off your makeup.

Does this sound relatable?

If so, I’ve got the solution for you. While I’ve reviewed a variety of facial cleansing wipes over the years on this site – clearly, I’m a fan – I’ve recently discovered yet another one that makes my face happy and, in turn, makes me happy. It does the 3 MUSTS – removes makeup, cleanses my skin and doesn’t make me break out. The bonus with Yes To Cucumbers Facial Towelettes is that the cucumber, aloe vera and green tea are so refreshing, my skin actually glows after wiping. They’re also 98.7% natural, a major bonus as I’m trying to use all, or close to all, natural products on my skin ( I notice a huge difference in my skin’s texture when I go natural and organic).

The wipes are blended with organic cucumber (to nurture), aloe vera (to soothe) and Dead Sea minerals (to lock in the goodness). They easily and effectively remove all makeup and grime. Great to use as a mid day pick-me-up or after a work out (perhaps yoga or hiking?). For me, I love them late night because that’s when I’m the most lazy with my skin care regimen. But I must admit, I rarely ever skip washing my face.

I’ll usually use the towelettes as a makeup remover prior to using my cleanser. It’s just a great way to remove the makeup that my cleanser may have a tougher time getting to. So, I’ll wipe with the towelette and follow up with a quick face wash. A dab of moisturizer, some eye cream (always! – I’m a stickler for the eye cream. Wrinkles are NOT an option), and then I’m good to go. Alas, if I am feeling oh-so tired and I just can’t make it to the sink, I do feel rest assured that Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes will hold me over until morning comes….

PRICE TAG: $4.49 (for pack of 30)

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