Weekly Must-Have: Sunday Riley Good Genes

Weekly Must-Have: Sunday Riley Good Genes

If you’re like me, then as a product junkie, you’ve tried just about everything on the market. The lotions and potions that promise younger, firmer, flawless skin, haven’t really lived up to their marketing hype. That’s where Sunday Riley’s Good Genes comes in. It’s an “immediate complexion booster” that uses a host of ingredients to brighten, plump, balance, and even out skin tone. A marketing hype? Definitely not. This stuff is the real deal. Like being born with some good ass genes.

I was recently introduced to the Sunday Riley range and, in all honesty, I had little to no expectations. I try thousands of products (yes, I actually test each and every one of them) and my acne-prone, dry yet oily, hyperpigmented complexion is no easy feat. My skin as of late has been quite lackluster. In fact, I can’t seem to find one product to combat all of these skin concerns – a product that will brighten and firm without congesting my pores even more than they are.

As the instructions indicate, I applied Good Genes as a daily serum (you can also use it as a mask and rinse off after 20-30 minutes) – one to two pumps gently spread out across my face and neck (don’t forget your neck, ladies!). It stung a bit initially (I love a good stinging product – makes me feel like it’s getting in there), but within minutes, my skin felt tighter and looked brighter. So, I tried it again the following day. And I had the same experience without breaking out. A brighter, tighter complexion that finally looked healthy and luminous.

How is this possible? How can this product instantly boost the radiance of my skin? Well, it’s really all in the ingredients. This little bottle of Good Genes contains pharmaceutical grade lactic acid to plump and renew skin, licorice, a gentle yet effective all-natural skin brightener, squalene to help repair, lemongrass, a natural antioxidant,  to increase circulation, arnica to soothe chapped, damaged skin, and NV-5 ageless complex (the real winning combo), a blend of blue agave, aloe, prickly pear, cactus, and lady’s slipper orchid to rejuvenate damaged skin. These are photoactives that fight inflammation on a cellular level, while nourishing the skin (unlike a retinoid, this stuff won’t make you peel while it goes to work on your complexion). Good Genes is also formulated without sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan.

Note To Self: If you’ve spent any time outdoors, your skin is damaged (sun, smog, pollution, smoke, etc, etc) and you need to fix it ASAP.

So, in this 1 oz bottle of vegan goodies, I found a multitasking, lightweight lotion that does what a dozen other products claim to do. Sure, you may not have all of the skin concerns that I have. Maybe your skin is just a little dry in areas, or sagging a bit too much for your liking, or you suffer hormonal breakouts – and I guarantee there is a product for each of those skin issues. But if you want to combat all of it with one product, invest in Good Genes. It’s a bit pricey but worth every cent! This serum has certainly gained permanent residence on my beauty counter.

PRICE TAG: $105 for 1 oz

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