Weekly Must-Have: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Weekly Must-Have: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

True story: I’ve been traveling all over the east coast – think planes, subways, and jitneys – and my oversized toiletry bag has taken a serious beating. In the midst of said transportation, my beloved Bioderma Crealine H2O went bust, drenching my bag and making the bottle unusable. Since Bioderma is rather difficult to find in-store in the USA, I was forced to find an alternative to my favorite makeup remover which (read:) never.makes.me.break.out. Bioderma also gets everything off — including mascara — without the need to pull on skin and eyes (hence benefiting the anti-aging-no-tug-equals-no-fine-lines cause).

Alas, I chose Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes at my local Duane Reade because… well, they come pre-soaked so I didn’t need to lug around the bottle and they’re made with all-natural ingredients – no perfumes or dyes – so they weren’t going to irritate my super sensitive skin. WOW do I love these amazing wipes. While I don’t use them to actually cleanse my face – meaning, I do use a cleanser post-wipe – they took off all of my makeup with just a few gentle wipes of the cloth and just as successfully as Bioderma. They didn’t tug or pull or strip the skin, and they didn’t irritate my sensitive visage. In fact, they were so mild – yet effective – that I decided to use one in the morning instead of washing my face (as too much water and harsh detergents can actually dry out skin). I followed up with a Witch Hazel toner, my current Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer (a true gem for combination, acne-prone skin), and, of course, Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen. So far, not a single blemish has emerged!

At $4.50 for $25 wipes (meaning you can use these 25 times), it’s a no-brainer for travel and on-the-go. While my Bioderma will remain a staple in my skincare routine, Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes will be joining in my travel bag (and if I actually worked out, I would put these wipes in my gym bag, too!). I am officially obsessed.

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