Weekly Must-Have: R+Co Park Ave Blowout Balm

Weekly Must-Have: R+Co Park Ave Blowout Balm

Confession: I am deeply obsessed with Kate Middleton’s hair.  It’s shiny, voluminous, bouncy, and smooth all at the same time…and all while the entire world watches for a hair mishap!  Am I gushing?  Sorry, it’s hard to play it cool on this topic.  She is #hairgoals and then some.

Achieving a perfect blowout a la Kate can feel like a challenging puzzle, and the piece I haven’t been able to find is the right styling product.  While I’ve been able to tame the frizz on my thick mane thanks to quarterly keratin treatments, I still need something  to smooth and volumize before blow drying. However, too many products do too much of one singular thing – whether it’s smoothing, conditioning, volumizing, or protecting.  I try to play cocktail master and blend various items to my liking, but that often results in weighed down and even greasy strands (no bueno).  My woes were finally solved thanks to R+Co Park Ave Blowout Balm.

This product was designed with type-A, high-maintenance hair salon clients in mind.  It subtly smooths while simultaneously adding body and hold, and also protects your hair from the heat of the blowdryer.  I squeeze a dollop (about a nickle) and apply from mid-shaft to ends after showering and comb through. I avoid applying directly to my roots, but when brushing, some definitely travels up there. I then blow dry with a round brush section by section.

Perhaps the brand even had Kate in mind when formulating this product; after all, if she was a New York City resident, she’d likely be an uptown, Park Avenue lady who lunches.


-Casey Sharbaugh is the blogger behind www.comfortablycasey.com

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