Weekly Must-Have: Phyto Phytophanere Supplements

Weekly Must-Have: Phyto Phytophanere Supplements

Staying with the hair theme, this week’s must have product comes courtesy of Phyto. Phyto Phytophanere Supplements are dietary supplements that contain a plethora of the good stuff for long, strong, and healthy hair and nails. I’m not the type to stay loyal to a specific vitamin routine – in fact, eating daily greens is actually a New Year’s resolution por moi – but when it comes to my hair – and fear of it thinning or seeming lifeless, I’m down to try anything.

One of my most trusted hair guru’s, celebrity stylist Jen Atkin (Gewn Stefani, Sofia Vergara), first mentioned these pills to me back in 2008. Her exact email: “Just thought of you as I was ordering this amazing Vitamin Supplement for a client. All of my girls I’m getting OFF of the extensions, and want their own hair to grow quick quick quick….these are the pills. I have 4 clients on them and their hair’s growing amazingly and it’s not as harsh and less expensive as taking pre-natals.”

Back in 2008, I posted on the vitamins but sadly, didn’t take my own advice to religiously swallow each day. Cut to 2013, and I’m five years older (eeks). My hair is feeling the age too. It’s no longer as volumous as it once was. My long, thick mane seems to have lost its zest. Gone are the days of ultra shiny strands, welcome the mornings of shedding (yes, my hair sheds like a dog!) and limp locks.

I started the Phytophanere Supplements about a month ago and I kid you not, I already see a difference. My nails are strong and long, my hair, less brittle. While Phyto suggests taking two capsules a day for two months to see best results, I’m already digging the resurgence of shine. Combine these supplements with my must-have dry hair helpers and I may just get through winter alive and moisturized.

PRICE TAG: $50 for 120 tablets (2 months worth)


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