Weekly Must-Have: Nudestix Brow Wax

Weekly Must-Have: Nudestix Brow Wax

It wouldn’t be “a day in my life,” if I wasn’t frustrated with the state of my brows. Thick, unruly hairs that grown down (brutal). Brow gel is my desert island must-have and, although my daytime look is pretty low key, I’m diligent with my brow maintenance. So when I first tried Nudestix Brow Wax, it was really just as an alternative to brow gel, because I tend to notice that I need multiple layers of gel throughout the day to handle my crazy course hair and, let’s be honest, gel kind of dries out the hairs (I’m into this nourishing thing at present).

Okay, let me first say this: I’ve used brow waxes before (obvs) but none have been as good as Nudestix. This stuff is legit! It holds my course, unruly hairs in place all day — seriously, all day. And even the annoying stray hair that likes to pop out (if you know what I’m talking about then you feel for me right now)? It keeps that one in place too. It’s also entirely clear, so no dandruff-like whiteness falling from the brows when the wax dries (in fact, the wax never dries, but more on that later), like what happens with gel. And this stuff is waterproof – swim in it, shower in it, wash your face with it on, and your brows will still be shapely. The holding power is insane. The fact that it doesn’t dry also makes me feel like it’s actually nourishing my brow hairs, as they don’t feel stiff and rigid by day’s-end. Is this fact? Who knows, but it sure does feel good.

I’ve been using this stuff to train my brows to grow upwards, so I put it on before bed, too. I used to use hairspray, but it really dried out the brows. The malleable wax is such a welcome alternative. I still like brow gel when I’m doing a full-on filled-in brow look because I like how the gel moves around the product to more evenly distribute throughout all of the hairs, but even then, I’ve been using a bit of wax as my final step to really seal the deal. And my brows have never been in better shape.

All hail Nudestix Brow Wax. You have earned a permanent place on my brow shelf.

Price Tag: $24 (Buy here)

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