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Weekly Must-Have: Nars The Multiple Matte

Weekly Must-Have: Nars The Multiple Matte

Nars’ The Multiple, the creamy multipurpose lip, cheek and eye color stick has been a staple in makeup bags for years (Orgasm, the peachy-pink shimmer, is a universal absolute must). But their newest launch, The Multiple Matte is nothing short of brilliant. Not everyone is looking for a shimmery shade to glide on their face, welcome The Multiple Matte, the same great multipurpose stick in matte formula with 7 sun kissed shades to choose from.

I tried Vientiane, a bronze hue that offers the perfect pop of golden glow in a cream formula. Like its name suggests, the multiple can be used for a variety of features – eyes, lips, cheeks – and applied in a variety of ways – from tube to skin, with a shadow or blush brush, with fingers. You really can’t go wrong. Spot apply to areas that you desire color or, do as I did, and use this shade as the perfect wet bronzer over the entirety of your face…

Here’s how I used it: Josie Maran, model and owner of Josie Maran Cosmetics, once told me to apply bronzer in the shape of a 3 and a reverse 3 on the other side. Essentially, this gets the bronzer to hit the areas of your face that look the most natural – top of forehead, hair line, below the cheekbone, jaw line and bottom of chin. This is also an excellent reference for how to highlight. Read the entire interview here. I use this method religiously. So, I drew a 3 and a reverse 3 with Vientiane, then, with clean fingers, I blended the cream up and out — toward my hair. The result: a perfectly sun kissed visage. No shimmer, no shine, but tons of glow appeal.

I had dinner with a friend the night I wore it and she commented on how healthy my skin looked. I graciously accepted the compliment and stayed mum on the reason…. but to you, my readers, I’m offering up my favorite new glowing-skin-secret! Enjoy.

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