Weekly Must-Have: Nars Pro Palette

Weekly Must-Have: Nars Pro Palette

If you’re a daily reader of this site, then you’re likely aware of my love of palettes. If you’re new, then now you know. Either way, let me reiterate: I adore a good color palette. It takes the guesswork out of which colors to use with each other, and it houses a myriad of shades for multiple looks in one, simple and convenient place.

But what if you could choose the exact colors that you want in your palette — and mix blushes with bronzers and eyeshadows? What if you could put all of the products you use on a daily – and nightly – basis in one palette, and that’s all you ever needed to travel with? Convenient? YES. Well, Nars is allowing you to dictate your look and create your very own palette with the newly launched Nars Pro Palette.

Here’s how it works: You can choose from an empty palette in one of two sizes: small ($14) or large ($18), or a palette already curated by some of Nars’ makeup artists, ranging from all cheek shades to eyeshadows to cheek and eye combos.

If you choose to build your own palette, you’ll pick either the small or large empty palette, then go through the SUPER FUN process of choosing the shades and products to populate the palette. Nars is offering some of their most coveted colors in blushes, highlighters, bronzers, contours, single eyeshadows, double eyeshadows, and pressed powders. The problem isn’t which colors to choose – the problem is how to fit all of your favorite colors into one palette (I strongly suggest building with the large palette). I did a combo of blushes, bronzer, single and double shadows… and I’m already plotting what colors I’ll purchase next to swap out some of the ones I’m not wearing on a regular basis.

The thing with pre-made palettes is that there’s always one (or two) shades that are never used. Not anymore. Nars Pro Palette allows you to take control of the colors you actually want – and wear – and leave the colors you don’t for someone else.

PRICE TAG: $14 (empty small palette) – $30 (contour blush)

*To fill a small palette, it’ll run you about $200; a large palette will cost around $300, but you can always fill – and refill – as you go.

Here’s to the inner makeup artist in each of us!

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