Weekly Must-Have: Meant The Absolute Balm

Weekly Must-Have: Meant The Absolute Balm

Caring for your skin during the winter months can feel like a full-time job. Countless issues arise, from redness to flaking to literal cracking, but arguably the most insufferable one is itchiness.  If you’vee ever put on a wool sweater in the morning without properly moisturizing post-shower, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

To solve this problem recently, Meant The Absolute Balm has been an absolute savior that feels meant to be.  While I originally thought this was more of thick salve to use on cuticles and extremely rough patches, I was intrigued at the brand’s suggestion to try it on damp skin post shower.  Why?  Well, applying lotion requires drying time that I often don’t have in busy AMs.  When using an oil in the shower, I can simply pat dry and get dressed.

This formula is definitely different than my other post-shower oils, and I may have even blurted an expletive when I first applied it on a particularly rushed morning after a thrice-snooze.  However, I was quickly proven wrong.  Although it comes out like a thick-balm (think Aquaphor), it somehow spreads evenly, melting into the skin.  My dry arms and legs were left hydrated and soothed, and I was able to put on tights within minutes – a true test of absorbency.

Even better, Meant The Absolute Balm includes ingredients that are actually good for you – organic Shea Nilotica, and coconut, monoi and argan oils.  The scent is an energizing citrus and bergamot that is perfect for sleepy mornings.  Although the packaging is chic and looks fancy in my shower, it can be a little hard to get the formula out.  As they said in teenage-classic The Girl Next Door, however, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze.

PRICE TAG:  $45 Each

-Written by Casey Sharbaugh 

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