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Weekly Must-Have: me Smooth Elos At-Home Hair Removal System

Weekly Must-Have: me Smooth Elos At-Home Hair Removal System


me-smoothThe last thing any of us ladies want come tanning season, is unnecessary hair — down there (or anywhere for that matter). Shaving is such a mundane way to spend your time, not to mention that grotesque stubble that emerges only days (or, for some, hours) later. And ingrown hairs? Ew. What a way to ruin your bikini body. I prefer to wax but, still, it’s not a permanent solution to the problem… and you’ve got to let hair grow to a certain length before you can remove it with wax. A spontaneous rendezvous to St. Tropez? Eeks, no can do. It’s in between waxing sessions. Sorry.

I’ve been wanting to laser my hair for years. Bikini line, underarms, legs… all of it. But laser is expensive – and painful! – and you can’t get sun in between sessions so I keep putting it off. Then I discovered me Smooth Elos At-Home Hair Removal System, a PAINLESS and EFFECTIVE way to remove hair permanently. I would be lying if I said I had total faith in this seemingly simple device. I tried it a few times and my hair kept growing back but, as the instructions indicate, you’ve got to be vigilant with the practice – once a week for 7 weeks. By week 7 my underarm hair is literally non existent. It’s like magic. I’ve gone three days without a single hair! (I started with my underarms because that was the smallest section of hair growth… and I wanted to test on an area that wasn’t visible). And I did this all AT-HOME! How cool is that?!

How does it work? Well, you start by shaving the area to remove the hair. Weird, I know but somehow shaving activates the follicle. By combining IPL and bi-polar radio frequency (basically it just zaps a bright light onto your skin), the energy hits the hair follicle from the root, heating it, treating it, and disabling it. You do each area 3-4 times a session (the underarms take about 2 minutes to complete), once a week for 7 weeks. You can do more sessions as maintenance if need be. And it literally is painless. The only way I knew that it was working is because the bright light flashes, otherwise, I didn’t feel a thing. It has three frequencies depending on your sensitivity. I started at the lowest and made my way to the highest frequency without a problem.

What’s even more amazing is that this new system can be used on all skin tones, from Caucasian to Asian to African American and all hair colors – blonde, brunette, redheads. AND men can use it too!

However, the me Elos system is not intended for use on the face – so keep it downtown – neck and below.

Next up, my bikini line! I can’t wait to never have to wax again.

PRICE TAG: $395 (additional cartridges are $50)

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