Weekly Must-Have: Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant

Weekly Must-Have: Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant


Everyone (seriously, everyone) should be exfoliating two ways: chemically and physically.  This is especially crucial when your skin is feeling dull, rough, and dry during the colder winter months.  While we know how important sloughing away dead skin is (we do, don’t we?), many physical exfoliators can feel downright scary on delicate skin.  The key here is to not destroy your visage with something like literal nut kernels – we’re looking at you, certain drugstore exfoliator with a stonefruit name.  Instead, reach for an effective-yet-gentle formula like the Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant.

Ever since trying this powder to foam resurfacer, the addiction has been real.  On a most basic level, it sloughs off dead skin cells through both physical and chemical exfoliation for majorly smooth skin.  We’re talking baby smooth, people.

But let’s get into the more nitty gritty — pun intended — of this product.  Beyond smoothing, it strives to both treat and attack environmental aggressors, which are a major aging accelerator (two words you never want paired together).  Active ingredients absorb pollutants while others form a light film on your skin to prevent further ones from setting up shop on your face.  Genius.

Application couldn’t be easier.  Cleanse your face with a mild face wash, then dispense a half-teaspoon into wet hands to form a creamy paste.  Apply all over your face in circular motions, lightly massaging for about 30 seconds.  The formula can be used day or night, although we recommend the morning to fully benefit from the shielding products.  Just remember to follow with sunscreen, as always!


-Casey Sharbaugh is the blogger behind www.comfortablycasey.com

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