Weekly Must-Have: Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation + Concealer

Weekly Must-Have: Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation + Concealer

clinique beyond perfecting foundation + concealer review

Unless you’re blessed with a Cate Blanchett poreless, perfect complexion, chances are, you’re going to need some help in the skin department. And by help, I mean the aid of products that can fake the flawless, born-this-way look. Sure, there’s the diligent skin care routine – wash, tone, hydrate, correct – but there are also an influx of foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and concealers that can give you smooth, even, blemish-free skin with a quick pump, squeeze or strike of a wand. The only issue is finding the right product; one that doesn’t actually look like you’re wearing anything but covers all of it, seamlessly.

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer ($44) since as far back as my first breakout. I’ve recently experienced a renewed love affair with this stellar skin corrector, which I discuss here. But sometimes my skin still needs more coverage than a tinted moisturizer can supply, and that’s when I turn to the newly launched Clinique Beyond Perfection Foundation + Concealer ($27). This dream product gives new meaning to the term “second skin.” It covers everything, yet looks like you’re wearing nothing at all.

What first drew me to this product is the claim that it’s a breathable foundation and concealer; a two-for-oner (and we all know how much I heart a multi-tasking product). Then there’s the wand: It’s literally an oversized version of a sponge-tipped concealer wand. One dip of formula covers the entire face, just dab onto chin, cheeks, forehead, and nose and blend with clean fingers, a makeup sponge like the cult-classic Beauty Blender (obsessed), or a foundation brush (this one will give you that airbrushed effect). Because it’s formulated with polymers, it doesn’t dry instantly, giving you time to blend and work it into your skin for that seamless, no-makeup effect. But what really sets this stuff apart from so many of the other foundations on the market is that the formula is medium to full coverage, hence why it can spot treated as a concealer. I like to use it as foundation all over my face, then apply on any noticeable blemishes and a quick swipe under my eyes to really give that flawless, even look. Medium to full coverage immediately conjures up images of super noticeable, cakey, sometimes even chalky (gasp!) makeup that sits in your fine lines and pores. But not this stuff. It literally melts into the skin so that all your left with is, well, a Cate Blanchett perfect complexion! And, if for whatever reason, you feel that the formula applies too thick, thin it out by adding a drop of moisturizer or even your favorite tinted moisturizer, then blend it all onto the skin. This will give you less coverage, but if you’re almost at a Cate Blanchett level complexion, then I’d opt for a more sheer application. Beyond Perfecting is oil-free and extremely gentle, even for sensitive or acne-prone skin (like mine).

This double-duty product comes in 20 shades from light to deep, so there’s a color for every skin tone. And here’s a pro tip for choosing your shade: I always choose a shade darker than my natural skin tone as I never tan my face so it’s always a bit paler than my body. Going one shade darker allows me to get a slightly tanned effect without any sun or bronzers. Plus, it creates an even line between face, neck, and chest.

Now, if only my complexion could look this great when I wash off the product… a girl can dream. But in the meantime, the rest of the world will assume that it’s genetic.

PRICE TAG: $27 for 1 oz (buy here)


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