Weekly Must-Have: Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix for Lips

Weekly Must-Have: Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix for Lips

Winter isn’t doing my body any favors. My legs and arms are itchy, my hair feels like straw, and my cheeks are ruddy. The worst part, hands down, is chapped lips. The harsh temperatures make them crack and peel, and causes that horrible stinging sensation that makes you want to kiss a tub of lard for some relief.

The other day, my lips were so chapped that they bled. True story. Horrified, I was looking for some serious relief. Aquaphor and my tried-and-true lip balms weren’t cutting it. I needed something major, a game changer, if you will. Enter: Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix.

This product duo is my new holy grail chapped lip product (s) (insert Jay-Z Hova/Hallelujah hands here). The first step is the Bite Lip Fix Exfoliant to gently buff away all that dead skin. The operative word is gentle. It has a subtle cherry scent and leaves my lips flake-free. Step two is my favorite: the Agave Lip Mask. It’s described as a “leave-on, night-time reparative lip mask to repair parched lips.” So yes, I apply it before going to bed and let it soak in overnight. But after waking up with soft, soothed lips after the first use, I started toting this baby around everywhere. I had a minor meltdown last Friday thinking I left it on my desk at work, and I let out an audible yelp of joy when I found it in the bottom of my gym bag. It’s that good.

Bite Beauty products are created with natural, food-grade ingredients, which is important considering that this stuff goes on my lips and ingesting some is inevitable. Non-toxic all the way.

So long winter lip woes. And PSA to my boyfriend if you’re reading this: my lips are kissable again.

PRICE TAG: $15 (buy it here)


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