Weekly Must-Have: Bbrowbar Brow Day Cream & Night Balm

Weekly Must-Have: Bbrowbar Brow Day Cream & Night Balm

We moisturize every inch of our body – from our toes to our hair –  with specific creams for each designated area (neck cream, hair moisture mask, heel cream, cuticle cream, etc)… but we don’t have a special cream for our brows? Really? Why not, especially considering the amount of product we coat onto them. Do you ever feel like your brows are rough, dry, or just straight-up wacky? I think I may have just discovered the antidote to bad, misbehaved brows.

Bbrowbar Brow Day Cream & Night Balm has literally changed my brow  game. Yes, I write about brows and brow products a lot, but that’s because I have seriously low brow self-esteem. Perhaps it has something to do with my ’90s over-plucking period, or maybe it’s that I wasn’t genetically blessed with perfectly shaped arches. Either way, thankfully, there are a host of products on the market to mimic those coveted Emilia Clark brows. (Fun Fact: Emilia is the most googled female celebrity for brows in 2018…the more you know…) As I’ve recently learned, a perfect brow game starts with brow moisturizing balms (yes, there are moisturizers specifically for your arches!). It actually makes perfect sense. When you wash the hair on your head, if you don’t condition it, it becomes tangled, frizzy, unruly. Well, the same is true with brows. We apply product after product, wash our faces with cleansers, but we never think to condition. That’s all changing, thanks to Bbrowbar Brow Day Cream & Night Balm, deliciously concocted with feel good, smell good ingredients like sweet almond, rosemary, lavender, and sandalwood.

This duo does it all: “Brow Conditioning Day & Night’s sensationally high-tech formula, which promises to moisturise the brows, stimulate healthy hair growth and development, and provides a subtle, indulgent scent.” Here’s how it works: You apply the Day Brow Cream in the morning; I work it from tail to inner corner then back out, making sure to gently tap it into my skin. At night, you massage the Night Brow Balm into the hairs, applying from tail to inner corner, then working it back out again. This way the balm coats every.single.hair.

I’ve been using the duo for a week and my brows are softer, shinier, and archier (I know that’s not a real word, but they really do have a nicer arch to them). I am in brow envy-love!

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