L.A.’s recent bout of cold and rain doesn’t bode very well with my hair. Unlike most, my hair actually basks in humid climates. I was in Colombia last weekend for a wedding and the sweltering 90 degree heat coupled with the intense humidity did wonders for my hair… I swear… it never looked healthier and fuller.

As for returning to L.A., my hair looks limp, lifeless and dare-I-say.. dry!

Thanks to , hair polishing towlette’s, my hair can actually breathe again!

A word (or several…) from the company:

“The unique formula featuring the Ted Gibson amino complex, wild orchid extract and natural plant aroma will help eliminate the look of dry ends with a non-greasy feel and at the same time simply and conveniently add polish to your hairstyle ~ wherever you are.”

Packaged in single-use, on-the-go styling sheets, the towlettes have a wet feel, like a face pad, but in fact, they are soaked with aminos and oils to calm frizzies, refresh and add shine. Use on dry hair. Perfect for a quick hair pick-me-up from noon to night. And the best part… it doesn’t leave hair oily!!!

Loving it!

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