Wedding Prep: Bridal Beauty Bootcamp

Wedding Prep: Bridal Beauty Bootcamp

With my wedding just about one month away (!!!),  planning is quickly taking over every spare second I have.  Even if you self-proclaim yourself a “chill bride,” there is simply a lot to get done!  In between chasing people for RSVP cards and deciding on final details, I have been busy keeping my beauty routine in major check in order to feel like the best version of myself for my walk down the aisle. Let me tell you, for any beauty obsessed gal this is no small feat!

While everyone has different things they will do to prepare, here is the beauty timeline I have followed so far.  If you feel I missed anything, please let me know in the comments below!

6 Months

Supplements: A few months ago, I started popping a probiotic and a hair vitamin every AM.  I feel that the former helps keep my skin clear while also keeping my tummy flat and happy, and the latter just seems to make nails and hair stronger and healthier.

Lash and brow serum: Religious application of Neulash to my lashline has made my lashes longer and stronger, meaning lash extensions won’t be as damaging.  I have also been applying Revitabrow every night to fill in a few sparse spots.

Laser Hair Removal: Zapping my underarm hair at Spruce & Bond means I won’t have to worry about shaving, despite my sleeveless gown – a no brainer.

Establish a workout routine: It takes a bit of time to make any major changes, but if you get into a solid  workout routine early enough in the planning process you’ll be in tip top shape by the time the big day rolls around.  Even better, those endorphins are seriously helpful when it comes to dealing with wedding stress.

3 Months

Body Care: At the beginning of the summer, I went into a bit of panic mode about my arms and shoulders.  While I’m religious about skin care for my face, I’ve been ignoring dryness and roughness below the neck.  To get this area HD-photograph ready, I have started dry brushing  every morning.  Two or three times a week, I swipe these Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads across my chest, upper arms, and shoulders.

Regular Facials: For lingering skin issues such as dullness and congestion, regular facials will help get your visage into shape with plenty of time to spare.

Dermatologist Visit: I didn’t want to take any risks with hormonal acne the month of my wedding, so I met with my dermatologist to devise a plan.  She put me on a prescription lotion that is the first I’ve ever wanted to use repeatedly, and we also tested out a cortisone injection just in case a monster shows up on my jaw next month.

Teeth Whitening: I have sensitive teeth that couldn’t deal with professional laser whitening a few years ago, but I know many people swear by it.  Personally, I’ll be relying on trusty Crest Whitestrips to remove coffee and red wine stains.

1 Month

Haircut: I want my hair to be long but not unruly on my wedding day, so I booked my final cut one month out to allow for some growth.  I kept the layers longer than usual as I plan to wear my hair up, and this makes it a bit easier.

2 Weeks

Final hair color: This is a personal choice depending on how “lived-in” you prefer your color to look.  I think mine looks best when it has a bit of time to settle, but brighter blonds may prefer to get color the week of.

Dermaplaning Facial: Scheduling a dermaplaning facial will allow for truly flawless makeup application.  Even better, the glow it imparts is major. 

1 Week

Brows: To make sure any redness or irritation from tweezing has ample time to heal, I’ll be getting my brows shaped and tinted seven days before.

Lash Extensions: Envious Lashes is my go-to in NYC for lash extensions.  Since I want to go somewhere I know instead of someplace new at my wedding destination, I’ll be going a week before.  They are an absolute must to make your lashes appear lush and voluminous in photos, and you won’t have to think twice about smudging if you cry your eyes out. First-timers, don’t miss this post.

2 Days

Spray tan: I have such mixed feelings about spray tans.  While I’ve definitely embraced my paleness in my late twenties, I also don’t want to appear washed out in photos.  I tested out a new organic spray tan and asked for the lightest application possible and to skip my face – this imparted a perfect subtle glow that I plan to recreate for the actual event.

1 Day

Manicure/Pedicure: Obviously.  I normally avoid it, but will be doing a gel manicure to prevent any mishaps, and might even do a light blue on my toes for “something blue”!


Makeup prep: Before I get my hair and makeup done, I plan to sip coffee in my bathrobe with Skyn Iceland Eye Gels and a brightening Estee Lauder Sheet Mask.  If my face is a bit puffy from overindulging at the rehearsal dinner, it’ll be Nurse Jamie Uplift to the rescue.

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