Warning: Do Not Try This Product At Home

By April 24, 2009 7 Comments

Warning: Do Not Try This Product At Home

In fact, don’t try this product anywhere, ever. L’Oreal’s New Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self-Tanning Lotion is all shades of wrong. Literally, look at what it did to my skin:

There’s nothing worse than streaking and now I look like I have some sort of skin disease.

Let’s asses:

The company gushes, “Go from pale princess to luminous bronze goddess in an instant.” True, except I’d replace “luminous bronze goddess” with “tragically streaked skin.”

“A beautifully radiant sun-kissed look, streak-free, sun-free.” NOT TRUE (save for the sun-free part)! Just glance at my arm – does that look streak-free to you?

“All with a new deliciously fresh summer scent.” If summer smells like a tanning bed, then yes, this is summer’s very own scent. Delicious and fresh? Not quite.

The color is so obviously from a bottle (a very dark brown that is anything but natural), the formula is sticky and, sadly, it even smells fake. I’m usually a huge fan of L’Oreal bronzers – their Sublime Glow was one of my picks for best bronzers of 2007. Not this product.

Seems to me that someone at the L’Oreal chemist’s lab needs a refresher course on self-bronzers.

You’ve been warned, ladies, you’ve been warned.

Now excuse me while I spend the rest of the day scrubbing my arm with cleaning detergent. No, seriously.

Have YOU ever experienced a horrendous fake tan?
What did YOU do?

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