Under $10: Beach Bag Essentials

Under $10: Beach Bag Essentials

Beach bag must-haves


Now that it’s more or less summer (the official start date is June 21), seasonal activities are in full swing. Chances are, you’re spending more than your fair share of time lounging and, if you’re lucky, frolicking on a sandy beach. Hopefully you’ve filled your wardrobe with the trendiest swimwear of the season, but have you stocked your beach bag with all of the necessities? No, says the procrastinator. Well, don’t worry. We’ve done it for you, and all under $10! Yes, you read correct: Here are the must-have beach bag essentials for under $10.

First and foremost, the right bag is key. The Target Solid Striped Mesh Beach Tote ($10) is versatile, and will also hold up if it gets wet or filled with sand.

The importance of a good SPF cannot be overstated. Just ask your mother (or us!). Sun Bum SPF 50 Disappearing Zinc Oxide ($10) is a strong yet sheer formula for extra exposed areas like your nose.

Certain things should never, ever get wet. AEO Graphic Beach Pouch ($9) will keep those items (might we recommend your iPhone?) safe and sound.

Perfection is impossible, especially when it comes to grooming down there. SweetEase Bikini Waxing Kit ($4) is ideal to toss in your bag for a dire situation, less you want to wear your cover-up into the water!

Of course, a soft beach towel is absolutely necessary for both sunbathing and post-dips in the ocean: Target Pink Polka Dots Beach Towel ($10) is so good.

We know you’re far too careful to ever expose your face to direct sunlight, right? Throw some shade with Funnywe Fashion Straw Derby Cap ($6).

Dips in the ocean or chlorine can dry out your strands. Fat Hair Advanced Repair Formula Leave-In Conditoner & Styler ($9) has a big name, but the pint-sized product is perfect to slip into your bag to condition and nourish your hair post swim.

Keeping your hair out of your face on windy beach days is a must. TIP: Twirl your locks into a high bun and secure with the Invisibobble ($8 for 3). You will be left with happy-hour ready and crease-free waves by the time you leave the beach.

A classic item with a bit of an updated twist: Old Navy Modern Flip Flops ($10). Must.

Cat-eye, aviators, and wayfarer styles are all overdone. Instead, reach for Urban Outfitters Cutout Round Sunglasses ($10) to expand your frame repertoire.

In the event you get more sun than you would like, Hampton Sun Continuous Mist Hydrating Aloe ($10) will soothe your skin in an instant.


-Casey Sharbaugh is the blogger behind www.comfortablycasey.com


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