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Vaseline is a fabulous multi-purpose product for skin and beauty. Sarah recently wrote about how versatile it is and I agree. But I try to stay away from mineral oils and petrochemicals and well, petroleum jelly is exactly what is says it is. What’s a girl to do? Fortunately, Avalon Organics has created a greener version of the classic standby with Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly.

Instead of a crude oil, Un-Petroleum Jelly uses castor and coconut oil, along with beeswax and vitamin E to create a moisturizing, soothing and non-comedogenic alternative. Traditional petroleum jellies don’t absorb into the skin they simply coat it. So your skin can’t breathe and pores get clogged. Not good. Plus, the petrochemical factor is hardly eco-friendly. The health concerns are still debatable but the European Union has banned them from most cosmetics.

Un-Petroleum Jelly does the work of its predecessor to sooth rough or chapped skin. I always apply it before self-tanner to elbows, ankles, and heels to keep color even. It’s great for removing heavy eye makeup, and to moisturize lips. The older petro-bases can actually dry lips over time because they protect the skin but don’t actually hydrate. Un-Petroleum has now released a trio of lip balms in vanilla, cherry and tangerine. Made with jojoba and olive oil, they’re SPF 18 and free of artificial color, parabens and phalates.

A few words from the company:

“We founded Avalon Natural Products in 1989 on the principles of quality, innovation, integrity, and leadership. As such, we offer a unique collection of quality personal care products for caring consumers seeking natural, organic and cruelty-free ingredient alternatives. All of our products are 100% vegetarian and are never tested on animals.”

So, say goodbye to that old jar and pick up a tube of Un-Petroleum Jelly at Whole Foods, Wild Oats or online at here and here. xo alex.

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