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I was out in NYC last night (The Bowery Hotel) and I noticed this group of uncharacteristically good looking men talking and laughing at a table in the corner. My girlfriends and I, of course, had to know what was so funny so we coyly pranced over – ear dropping distance away.

This group of hot ass (yes, I am objectifying men) was discussing the beauty of a certain Ms. Uma Thurman – a MILF, they called her (that would be Mother I’d Like To F*CK, for those not in the know).

UMA THURMAN? That mysterious chick who OD’s in PULP FICTION? But where had she been? Which got me thinking….

So, when I came home I immediately hopped on Google and typed in Uma Thurman. To my surprise, this popped up:

It’s a trailer for her new indie movie, CEREMONY and she looks FAB, as does the movie (P.S. My dear friend Max Winkler is the writer and director, he’s pretty fab – and funny – too!)

MILF? Well, not sure I’d do her, but I’d definitely like to look like her when I’m that age! And have two guys doting after me!

So, check out the trailer for CEREMONY, pass it on, and make sure to venture to your neighborhood theater to catch a glimpse of the new and improved Uma!

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