Tricks of the Trade: The Lips

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Tricks of the Trade: The Lips

Keeping lipstick in place for an entire evening is no easy feat, even for celebrities. While the red carpet is certainly not a place to have a makeup mishap (like a bleeding lip or a dollop of red paint plastered on the teeth), date night, dance night, or simply a night out with business associates isn’t any less embarrassing. And now that your social calendars are likely picking up (after all, it’s mere months away from the New Year), lips should always be perfectly painted or glossed and seductively inviting, especially when attending a fete. So, we called on the makeup artists in charge of making our favorite celebrities pouts presentable and asked them to dole out advice on keeping lips lacquered throughout the night. Here are their expert tips and product picks:

1. What are the tricks used to get lipstick to stay on all night?
“To get lipstick to stay on all night, application is key,” says celebrity makeup artist Darlene Jacobs, who has worked with Kate Mara and Lizzy Caplan. “Prep lips with a lip treatment that leaves them soft and moisturized. Make sure the product you use absorbs completely into the lips and isn’t greasy or the lipstick will slide right off.  I really like Murad’s Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips ($24).  Start with a layer of lip stain close to the lipstick color you’re using. Next, fill in the entire lip with a lip pencil. I like to buff the pencil out with a soft, short haired eyeshadow brush after to avoid any hard lines. Mac Brush 213 ($24) is a good one. Apply the lipstick. Take a tissue and, if it has a double layer, peel it apart so it is extra thin. Place the tissue over the lips and press loose powder on to the tissue over the lips with a powder puff or makeup sponge.  Remove the tissue and repeat with another layer of lipstick and powder. One more quick sweep of lipstick and you’re good to go.”

“First, give your lips a good scrub before you even think about lipstick. If your lips are parched, your lips will absorb your lipstick fast,”explains Kirin Bhatty, who has worked with  Jessica Paré, Sasha Pieterse, and Alessandra Ambrosio. “Also, matte lips and vibrant lips show your lips’ flaws, so a smooth surface is key. Try Bite Beauty’s Lip Scrub ($18), and Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ($3) to prep your lips before application. If you want to keep your lipstick on all night, lining them and then filling them in with lipliner before you swipe on your lipstick is a great way to extend your wear. It gives  lips a base for lipstick to sit on. Also, a nice lip primer alway does the trick; I love MAC’s Prep and Prime ($16) for lips.

2. What are the tricks used to keep lipistck on lips and off of teeth?
“To keep lipstick off of your teeth take a tissue and fold it in half so it is thicker.  Close your lips onto the tissue to blot, as if you were going to take a bite. Keep your lips in a relaxed position when you do this, you don’t want to curl your lips over your teeth because you’ll take off to much lipstick. Do this several times until the tissue comes out clean,” explains Jacobs.

“Before I send anyone out on to the carpet, I make sure that they put their own index finger in their mouth, and pull it out,” says Bhatty.”Any excess lipstick will catch itself on their finger.”

3. How do you keep glossy lips glossy all night ?
“To keep those lips glossy all night, make sure your lips are smooth an moist before any product application. Then apply lipliner on the entire surface of your lips (not just the outline),” says Hinako, makeup artist to Leighton Meester, Amy Ryan, and Katie Findlay. “Next, apply your lipstick then tissue off the excess product. Then gently apply a layer of translucent face powder to your lips, and finally. apply your chosen lip gloss.”

“Start by applying gloss to the pout of your lips and working your way out. This keeps most of the product at the focal point of your mouth, ensuring maximum shine without goopy product overload,” explains Bhatty.

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