Trending: The Braided, Texturized Updo

Trending: The Braided, Texturized Updo

“The updo trend of the moment seems to be an updo that’s brought up with some braiding through it; hair swept up into a knot or bun and then a braid runs along the top or side that gives a little texture to the hair,” explains celebrity hairstylist Cervando, whose clients include Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

What makes this style so trendy?
“I think that a lot of people, including men, were wearing their hair on top of their head in a knot and it become very popular. It’s a style that looks really flattering on people; it gives you height, it pulls the face up, and it’s cute but can still be sexy. There are also a lot of variations to the style. I think someone probably saw this and thought ‘let’s make this something that we can have people wear on the red carpet. Let’s make this look effortlessly done.’ And then it became a trend. Like most trends that start, it’s not something that’s calculated, it’s something that happens organically. The braided topknot updo is the trend for right now. It’s this season’s variation.”

Who are some celebrities that are wearing it well?
“Jennifer Lawrence wore this style a couple of nights ago, Reese Witherspoon recently wore her hair like this, and Gwen Stefani wears it as well.”

What length and texture works best for this updo?
“With this kind of hairstyle, you can wear it with any kind of hair texture, whether it’s straight or wavy or really curly, because you can just sweep it up, create a shape, and put a braid in. As far as length goes, your hair would have to be past the shoulders to wear it like this.”

How do we make this style real-life wearable, especially for people who don’t know how to braid very well?
“First, start with dry hair. For someone who’s not so great at braiding, start by taking a big section of your hair wherever it parts, and leave it out. Put that into a big, easy braid. I suggest placing the braid in the middle of your head, in between the forehead and the crown [top of head], so that it’s right in the middle. Take the rest of your hair and put it up in either a loose updo or a low chignon, and secure. Then take the braid and wrap it around the shape of your head, pinning it into the back of your bun.”

Any products that help enhance the style?
“Whether you’re letting your hair dry naturally and having a natural wave to it, or your blowing it out into big curls, I suggest using some sort of texturizing spray, like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or Sachajuan Volume Powder that will give a lot of nice texture to the hair. Spray either through the hair, giving a little more brought texture and separation. Once you’ve done that, then pull it into a bun or a topknot. The texture will make it look more interesting and modern.”

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