Trending: Sleek, Slick Hair

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Trending: Sleek, Slick Hair

If the past few months of red carpet glam are any indication, sleek, slick hair is a thing. Take Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Demi Lovato from the VMAs, and Rita Ora on the streets of NYC yesterday: All sporting this straight, sleek, slick hairstyle. So, it got us wondering: Is beachy hair (finally) obsolete? Will we be reaching for our hot tools this fall?

Even Harry Josh, master cutter to the likes of Gisele, weighed in, telling Yahoo that he’s: “really into polish and high gloss — rich, shiny color. I’m ready to move away from the beachy hair — it’s almost fall.”

We turned to two powerhouse hairstylists – Michael Silva, the man responsible for Kim’s VMA look, and Jennifer Yepez, who has perfected this look on many a pretty manes, including those of Gigi and Joan Smalls – to give us the lowdown on this luxe hair trend.

Beauty Banter: Is slick and sleek hair replacing beachy, texturized and volumized hair this season?
Michael Silva: I wouldn’t say it’s replacing; the two are so different. I would compare beachy waves and slicked back hair like day and evening. One is more casual than the other.

BB: Where does this slick hair look come from? 
Jennifer Yepez: I would say ’90s, but not grunge. More like ’90s minimalist.
MS: The influence starts from early Helmut Newton photos of strong beautiful women to Robert Palmers’ Some Like It Hot video.

BB: How can we recreate this look without appearing like we’ve just stuck our head in a vat of oil?
MS: First off, DON’T stick your head in a vat of oil. The easiest way would be to put some holding gel in your hair when it’s damp. Use a wide tooth comb and comb it straight back. Let it dry.

BB: What are simple steps to recreating the look at-home?
JY: First, make sections starting at the nape [of your neck] and apply Oribe Grandiose Mousse, focusing more on the root area as you need more of a grip and hold to make the style stay in place. Take a Mason Pearson Brush and blow dry your hair flat to your head shape.

Then take another section and repeat. [Continue this with each section] until you get to the front. When you’ve reached the front, apply double the mousse that you did in the back of your head, mostly on the side and blow dry it again using any flat bristle brush. When you reach the top blow dry with a round brush to get the volume.

Once you’re done, apply a small amount of Oribe Balm D’or from the mid shaft to ends of your hair, and flat iron from mid shaft down to get it nice and smooth.

After your ends are smooth, apply Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray to the sides of your hair. Work one side at a time, so only spray the side you are working on, and take your flat brush and smooth it by brushing [the hair] back and following your head shape. Then move to the next side.

Spray the top lightly, but do not brush it out as you want to keep the volume.

You can use 2 large silver clips and a small piece of paper towel underneath the clip to hold the sides in place until you are ready to leave. Once you’re all set, take out the silver clips and you’re red carpet ready.

BB: Any must-have products to use while creating this look?
MS: Moroccanoil Styling Gel and Moroccanoil Treatment Light on ends.

BB: Final thoughts…
MS: When dry, finish with Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine spray [to add even more of that wet shine look].
JY: If you want your hair to appear wet more than slick, after you’ve sealed in your look with hair spray, use a coat of hair serum and some shine spray.

The jury’s still out on whether or not sleek, slick hair will replace mega texturized tresses, but for now, this is definitely a trend to try.

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