Trending: Glossy Summer Skin

Trending: Glossy Summer Skin

When you think of the word glossy, does uber-slick, shiny, maybe even sticky come to mind? Yeah, us too.

But summer’s glossy skin is actually more of a dew that looks both natural and healthy. Sure, no-makeup-makeup is nothing new, but adding gloss to eyes, lips, even cheeks hasn’t exactly been the summer go-to… until now.

Take, for example, the new non-touring trend that kicks contouring back to fall and instead focuses on the glow (usually manufactured). And then there’s the shiny lips of summer (try an oil instead of a sticky gloss of yesteryear) and the glossy lids – all trends worth exploring this season. And if your skin is naturally oily, you’re in luck! Not much you need to do but perhaps carry blotting papers to soak up t-zone slickness. The rest, well, that’s on-trend.

Milk Makeup Face Gloss ($20) – A colorless, non-sticky, face sheen that brightens and highlights cheeks, lips, eyes, and anything else that requires a hint of highlight.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker ($21) – You may remember Juicy Tubes, Lance’s colt-favorite gloss of the millennium, and Juicy Shakers follow where the tubes left off. Wearable colors with gorgeous shine. Except shakers aren’t sticky (yes!). Instead, they’re infused with oils to soften, soothe, and impart shine. Juicy Tubes 2.0.

Lano Lanolin 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm ($19) – Think of this as the all-natural version of multitasking salve, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. As we’ve mentioned before, the fastest way to get the glossy lid look is with a dab of high-shine ointment. Well, Lano Lanolin Superbalm gives the gloss without the toxic ingredients. And for even more on-trend eyelid love, start by applying a metallic cream shadow, like RMS BeautyEye Polish in universally flattering Lunar ($28) first, which will just add more drama, gloss, shine, and sparkle to the lids. Then finish with a dab of Superbalm. Bitchin’!

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