Trend: The Fishtail

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Trend: The Fishtail

Braids are big this season, but the fishtail is bigger. From the runway to the red carpet to the street, everyone is fish and tailing their hair. It’s a great way to add spice to a style while still keeping the look contemporary.

I asked celebrity hairstylist and product guru Jamal Hammadi for his tips on creating the perfect fishtail.

“Always start with a clean fishtail, then when completed you can pull it apart with your hands to create a messy look or use a brush to brush up the braid creating flyaways that you want,” says Hammadi. “That way you have control but still the appearance of playfulness. “The beauty of the fishtail is that you have the freedom to place it anywhere you want depending on your mood and outfit.”
Fishtail How-To:

1 – Section your hair; this can be done with your hands or use a comb for more control.
2 – Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside section and bring it all the way over the top of that section and UNDER the opposite section. Now do the same thing over, under on the alternate side.
3 – Keep alternating sides. A basic weave of over and under until you get to the bottom.
4 – Use protective hair bands, either clear or colored depending on the effect you are going for.
5 – Finish it off with a light hair spray- you want a loose hold so the hair still has life.
A few of Jamal’s favorite fishtails:
Side Fishtail Braid
Fishtail Chignon
Hair down with a few long fishtails
Fishtail down the back, Face framing fishtail.
TIP: Once you have the pattern of the fishtail down you can play with it, determine where you want the braid or how many braids to use in the style. 

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