Trend: The Cat Eye 3 Ways

Trend: The Cat Eye 3 Ways

Eyeliner is one of those products that never goes out of style. A black liner can accomplish so much and take your look from bland to beautiful in minutes. Today, it’s about creating fantastical feline lines. Here, 3 variations on the cat eye. Roar is optional.

1. The Cat Eye – A typical cat eye takes practice (and patience). There are many, many ways to get your wing on, but this technique, by celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle, is my favorite.
How-To: Kristofer breaks it down into 5 steps using 3 types of eyeliner –
1. With a thin eyeliner brush and liquid or cream eyeliner create a line on the upper lid that is thinner at the inner corner & getting wider as it reaches the outer corner.
2. Using a thin angled synthetic brush, line under your eyes with eyeshadow again getting wider as it reaches outer corners and then smudge to soften the edge.
3. Using gel liner (or eyeshadow for softer look) make a wing on outer corner of eye. this will also connect the upper and lower lines.
4. Using a pencil line inner rim of eye adds intensity and depth.
5. Finish by applying several coats of thickening mascara on top and bottom lashes.
TRY: MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack is the perfect cream eyeliner. If you prefer liquid, opt for Lancome Artliner Precision Point Eye Liner. The very thin brush allows you to really get into your lash line.

2. The Kitten Eye – A while back I interviewed Refinery 29’s Megan McIntyre and she discussed her fondness of the “kitten eye,” what she call’s “a teenage girls’ version of the cat eye.” Says Megan, “I’ll do a kitten eye, a trick that I picked up backstage at Fashion Week from MAC makeup artist, Gregory Arlt. He called it a kitten eye because it’s just a little up-tip, instead of a full swoop.
How-To: “When doing a winged eyeliner, it’s important to go up before the shape of your eye goes down. Your eye has a natural high point before it goes down and at the very end, if you follow that line and keep going down, you’re going to drag your eye down and it’s going to make your eyes look droopy. Before the lash line ends, swoop it up so you don’t get that droopy-eye effect.”
TRY: Because the kitten eye is an acceptable day look, start off with a pencil like Tom Ford Eye Defining Pencil in Onyx. It goes on smooth and lines easily. You can layer with one of my favorite liquid liners, Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. Hold it like a pen and draw.

3. The Tightline – This approach is a bit advanced, but the payoff is excellent. This technique, adored by celebrities, calls for eyeliner to be applied ON the lash line, not above or below. It creates a very tight line that hugs your lashes and gives the illusion of thicker lashes and wider eyes.
How-To: While you can tightline with a pencil, I think it’s easiest to use a flat eyeliner brush (not slanted!) and a gel eyeliner. You’ll want to shimmy the brush onto the lashes by pulling up your eyelid, looking down into a mirror and depositing the formula as close to the water line as possible. Try dotting first, then blending together. You can use this technique on the top and bottom.
TRY: Nyx Cosmetics makes an affordable gel eyeliner. As for a flat eyeliner brush, I hear great things about Laura Mercier’s. Laura Mericer also makes a cake eyeliner, aptly called Laura Mericer Tightline Cake Eyeliner in Black Ebony, which the brand touts as the ideal formula for perfecting the tightline technique. Just add water!

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