Trend Forecasting: Orange for Fall

Trend Forecasting: Orange for Fall

Sure, it’s practically summer but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking ahead. Fall will be here quicker than we think. In the spirit of staying ahead of the trends, here’s a fascinating Q & A with makeup artist Marissa Nemes on fall’s hottest face trend: the orange color palette.

What are key makeup looks for Fall 2010?

The Fall 2010 makeup look is inspired by many different women morphed into one; Romantic meets Glamorous meets Edgy. It’s a clean, confident look using vibrant orange hues, created by balancing a fierce warm color with a softer cool tone on a nude and undone natural face.

Oranges, rusts and peaches were prevalent on runways from the Fall 2010 shows. Will we see a lot more of these colors, and how are they wearable for the average woman?
Yes, we will be seeing pops of bold oranges, soft rusts and healthy peaches continue to grow in our everyday makeup wardrobes. These shades give off a beautiful warm glow which our skin craves. It is wearable for the average women. To pull it off, leave everything clean and focus on a certain area of your face. If the focus is the eyes, here’s how to work the look: rust colored, romantic eyes, matte skin, peachy pink on the cheeks, and a sheer nude lip.

Are finishes and looks leaning towards matte instead of shiny? Why? Any special techniques or considerations when applying a matte look?
A matte glow is what I am leaning towards for fall. No one wants to look shiny. This undone look shows off the skin’s natural glow and looks modern and clean. You can create the effect by blending in a translucent powder all over, and topping it with a tiny bit of illuminator above the cheekbones and at the bridge of your nose. If you prefer more coverage, a sheer veil of a powder foundation will do the trick.

It’s easy to think that natural, no-fuss makeup is effortless, when really it’s not as easy to pull off as it looks. What are some tricks and tips you should consider for a naturally-undone looking face?

A healthy diet, sleep and a good night time moisturizer is key to the beginning of a naturally-undone looking face. Once you’ve mastered brighter skin from your lifestyle choices (or not), here are some tips for creating an effortless look with makeup. First, apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Once that settles in, apply and blend in your concealer under the eyes and in any areas which need attention. Secondly, sweep over a velvety powder foundation with SPF, topped with a little bronzer where the sun hits your face. Next, blend a creamy, flesh-toned blush on the apples of your cheeks. Since cream eyeshadows are my favorite for this look, apply one in a healthy color such as sheer pink or peach, blending it all the way from your lash line to your brow bone. Then curl your lashes and apply your mascara. To finish off this look, dab on NARS Cosmetics new Pure Sheer SPF lip treatment on your lips. Two sprays of La Mer’s “The Mist” on your face, and you’re officially naturally undone.

It seems that if you want to achieve a very natural look, you should use mineral makeup. It’s rare these days to find a cosmetic line that doesn’t have one or many mineral-based products. How do these formulas differ from others and what should you consider when choosing mineral makeup?

When I was introduced to mineral makeup a few years ago, I knew it had great potential. The industry pleasantly surprised me and I am thrilled to see the tremendous growth of organic cosmetics! Mineral makeup is made with organic and all natural ingredients, versus traditional makeup which is made with conventional ingredients. Mineral makeup is talc-free, oil-free and chemical-free and excellent for normal to oily prone skin. As individuals transition into a healthier lifestyle change, they may want to consider changing up their makeup as well and “going green” with products. While considering mineral makeup, look for powders with SPF and know that mineral makeup is easy to blend and build with a powder brush. At times, mineral makeup may appear darker in the case. Before you purchase it, try the product on your hand or on the inside of your arm to make sure the color blends well into your skin. It is not only good for your skin but also good for the environment!


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