TREND: Cool Nails Now

TREND: Cool Nails Now

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m not a polish kind of girl. Sure, the occasional lacquer will coat my nails, but for the most part, I tend to watch the trends from a distance. Sure, I can appreciate the new colors – browns this season, purples last summer, orange and yellow this summer – but when it comes to getting a manicure, I opt out of polish all together. To be honest, polish is a pain. I am constantly using my fingers to type and the lacquer chips off by day two. There’s nothing more trashy looking than chipped polish.

Toes, on the other hand, is an entirely different story (although I’m not one to go out on a limb with that area of my body either. Red is the only color that graces my feet).

But this season, I’ve been seeing all types of fun and inspiring nail looks. From ombre (yep, like the hair!), to metallic silver, to red tassles, the name of the game is “creativity.” Designs are hot, a simple solid shade is passe. This season, it’s all about thinking outside the box – taking your nails to the limit!

Here are my 3 favorite nail looks of the season:

Ombre – My friend Sam Greenes of Blue & Cream was sporting this fab look. She chose to work within the blue family with a gradual change in color from top to bottom of the nail. You can do ombre in practically ANY color!

NOTE: Sam swears by gel manis. This look is the product of a gel mani and the picture was taken TWO WEEKS after the initial manicure. I’m definitely going to be trying the gel mani – chipping polish is a thing of the past? Hallelujah!

Matte Metallic – This is from an Elle Magazine beauty look. I am loving the futuristic silver hue. It’s not like most metallic polishes that give off that glittery, overly shiny, polishy vibe, this is like a sheet of pure silver wrapped around the nail bed. And it’s MATTE metallic!

Tassles – This look comes courtesy of the S/S 2012 Kate Gallagher presentation. Essentially, it’s a maroon painted nail with red string hanging off. It reminds me of a Kabbalah string – Madonna would totally dig this mani! I’m really into how creative this look is – combining textures and materials to create an original finger is so genius! (nails courtesy of Color Club with lead manicurist, Alicia Torello).

Have an awesome nail look? We want to see it!

Email us a picture of your most fabulous mani!




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