Trend: Bangs!

Trend: Bangs!

After seeing my girl crush, Sienna Miller’s bang debut, I decided to do some cyber-stalking, aka research. Are bangs making a comeback? Did they ever really leave? My mom has sported bangs for the past 20 years and I always tell her it’s time to grow them out. Perhaps I’m wrong. Maybe mom is more on-trend than I thought?

A few years ago I asked celebrity hair stylist Antonio Prieto, who’s worked with this likes of Caroline Murphy, Eva Longoria and Marisa Tomei, how to wear bangs for each face shape. I think it’s worth revisiting.

Oblong: “The goal here is to create width through the side of the face since this face is long and narrow – a longer side swept-bang is perfect. Be careful, the length of the bang is the most important factor. Make sure the bangs fall on or near the cheekbone.”

Round: “Unfortunately for those with a round face, bangs will not work for this shape. Bangs will only draw more attention to the fullness of the face. The eye will see less face which will translate to a shorter, fuller and wider looking face.”

Triangle: “Bangs are a great idea for this face shape because of its narrow forehead and fuller jaw line. Bangs create width through the forehead.”

Diamond: “This shape is basically an angular oval. A short side-swept bang works the best with this face shape to soften the angular areas.”

Heart: “The chin is narrow and the forehead is already wide in this shape. But as long as the section of hair being cut into bangs is kept narrow and does not extend past the outside of the eye, bangs can beautifully compliment someone with a heart-shaped face.” ala Reese Witherspoon.

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