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Trend Alert: Sun-Touring

By September 25, 2017 No Comments

Trend Alert: Sun-Touring

A while back we said contouring was over, we retract that statement. Contouring is not back (it never left), it’s evolved into a whole new phenomenon, and we’re in line. We know we can sculpt any part of our bodies, including our toes, but instead of spending time each day contouring le corps to perfection, 3-D tanning (aka sun-touring) is here to give us body contour that lasts for days!

With sun-touring, the same rules apply when using self-tanner: prep skin, and leave on for the recommended amount of time per product used. Try a shade deeper than what you normally go for, as you would with contouring products. And don’t worry about ending up with dark marks on face and body, self-tanners are temporary for a reason. In case of mishaps, try these tips to remove self-tanner.

Read on for a how-to on 3-D tanning…


Save some time (and bronzer) each day by giving your face a semi-permanent contour. Apply self-tanner (be sure to use one made for the face) to cheekbones and along the jawline, and basically any other area you contour (forehead, bridge of nose). No need to tackle contouring on the daily anymore, you’ll awaken with sculpted cheekbones…at least until the self-tanner wears off.

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Give off the illusion of a deeper cleavage (and up the va va voom!) by applying self-tanner between breasts. No need for a push-up bra. And for an even more defined décolletage, apply product to collar bone and shoulders too!

Sculpted Arms

Want Michelle Obama arms but haven’t been hitting the weights lately? Self-tanner applied underneath biceps and on top of triceps will give off the look of more sculpted arms.

“Tighter” Tummy

An instantly taut-looking tummy does not require a billion sit-ups. A little self-tanner along the sides of the torso will produce well-defined abs, sans the gym.

Toned Legs

Contour legs by applying self-tanner along the outside of thighs, shins, and along the calf muscle. Legs will look lean, toned, and extra sexy. Finish off the look with body bronzer and voilà supermodel-worthy legs in no time.

Perkier Booty

In case you’ve been skipping on the squats, self-tanner is here to make our booties pop. Apply self-tanner (a spray works best for this) in a semi-circle underneath butt cheeks and watch your booty grow fuller in a few hours.

If you’re ready for sun-touring, try these self-tanners…

Claudia Mercado is a beauty-obsessed writer living in Long Beach, CA.

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