Trend Alert: Rainbow Ombre

Trend Alert: Rainbow Ombre

Ombre has been the rage for quite some time now. If you’re still not in the know, here’s a quick recap: ombre is a hair coloring technique when you lighten just the tips (ends) of your hair and keep the roots darker (more natural). Celebs like Jessica Biel, Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson have made ombre very popular among the Hollywood and trendsetter sets.

Well, now you can add colors to the ombre mix: rainbow colors. Lauren Conrad just debuted quite the ombre style (see below) – a colorful confection of purple, pink and green. Will it be the newest hair trend?

Senior Colorist at Cutler 57th Street Salon, Dallas Walsh, says, “This new rainbow trend is an extension of the ombre looks we’ve been seeing since winter. We’ve had a lot of requests to add shots of colorand tipping. Feather extensions were the big craze as we transitioned into summer but now that everyone’s wearing those a fresh way to make your hair pop is to add rainbow tips. The rainbow ombre is a fun, vibrant way to add a pop to your style and will look great on all hair colors.”

BUT WAIT… I’ve seen this before…

My friend, Nylon Magazine Style Editor-At-Large Dani Stahl (who always happens to sport the fiercest color thanks to Marie Robinson) was actually the first to debut ombre with color back during this past fashion week! She colored her tips a vibrant yellowish to contrast her dark chestnut base. It was killer!

Looks like someone was ahead of the ombre color trend…

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