Top 10 Hair Cut, Style, And Color Tips For Summer 2017

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Top 10 Hair Cut, Style, And Color Tips For Summer 2017

“Instagram influencers are who we should be following for our hairstyle inspiration,” explains Mika Fowler, celebrity stylist who has worked with Emma Roberts, Nina Dobrev, and Olivia Munn. So, when it comes to your summer 2017 hair refresh, all signs point to the young fashion set for what’s hot this season.

Mika Fowler and Kim Vo, owner of the eponymous Beverly Hills salon, give us top tips for funking up our tips.

Here, 10 cut, styles, and color tips for summer 2017.

1. This season is still about a medium-to-shorter bob. In fact, the universal haircut of the season is the lob (a.k.a. longer bob), a la Kim Kardashian to a shorter, chin-length bob like Kylie.

2. During summertime, you want a little more texture, so remove the heaviness. This seasons lob is a bit more layered, but with texture, explains Mika.

3. If you do want to keep the hair heavy, add some layers around the face. Not a bang, more like fringe. So when you do a half-up, you have a little hair falling around your face.

4. Since you’ll have extra layers, add some beachy curls. Use a skinny flat iron – 1/2 inch to 1 inch works best – to add a bend, not a curl-curl. You just want to create movement.

5. You don’t want to have a precise or strict part. Let the part be messy. Toss hair around with your fingers and a little product, like a dry wax spray. This will give body and movement.

6. Instant blushes (or non-permanent hair color) are big for summer. Think Coachella vibes. “Literally, 3-4 washes and they’re out, like a LA relationship,” says Kim.

7. Fun (and funky) temporary hair colors to try are strawberry, jade, lilac, and steel blue.

8. Bonding technology, any hair color can do this; it rebonds your hair so you can go lighter and/ or shinier. Don’t get confused: This is not a deep conditioner, so best to get this treatment done in a salon.

9. For highlights this summer, everyone can lighten it up, especially around the face. It’s a graduation from ombre, meaning that it’ll start closer to the roots. But it’s not chunky. Kim explains that these are baby lights: thin, slim highlights. The deepest browns can add chestnut, medium blonde can do caramel, or try blondette – half brown/ half blonde (a la J.Lo) – as the It color of summer.

10. Going from winter to spring to summer can create dehydrated tresses. Kim explains that hair actually needs moisture come summer, so opt for a serious moisturizing condition to hydrate and a clear gloss for shiny, smooth tresses.

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