To Brush Or Not To Brush (Your Hair)

To Brush Or Not To Brush (Your Hair)

I have a friend that doesn’t brush her hair — ever. She has wavy-to-curly hair and she says that when she brushes it, it becomes frizzy and the curls aren’t as well molded. Don’t you get knots? I asked. She explained that she’ll brush it before she showers with a Mason Pearson brush — but more so that she can distribute the oils from her scalp to her ends.

And her hair is crazy pretty…and healthy. Go figure.

I recently read an article somewhere on the inter-webs about creating wavy, bed head with volume — and the trick was to — yep, you guessed it — not brush your hair.

This got me thinking: Could not brushing your hair actually be good for your locks? I decided to try it out. After all, I did love the way my hair looked after I swim (and, no, I don’t brush my hair when I get out of the pool or ocean). True, the sea’s salt water is the holy grail for great, defined curls…but a pool? Not so much. And yet I LOVE the way my hair dries into heavenly wavy wonder.

So I washed my hair with shampoo and then added a thick conditioner (if I wasn’t going to be brushing out the tangles, I needed the extra moisture). I towel-dried my hair, got dressed, and bounced.

Full disclosure: While I am a makeup junkie, I actually have a seriously low maintenance daily beauty routine: wash my face, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen (always!), brow gel… and that’s it. So, hopping out of the shower and not having to comb through my thick mane was a dream come true. It saved me an extra 15 minutes.

While my hair dried, it looked pretty cray. Like puffy on top and big chunks of sectioned off wet strands. The trick is to not touch your hair while it’s drying…so for about an hour, it’s best to just do your thing at home, away from people you may actually know. But as it inched closer to complete dryness, my hair looked fab. It had volume and those defined waves that are reminiscent of Gisele hair. And it was soft to the touch — not a single detectable knot or tangle. Are you kidding me? Not a single hot tool in sight and literally zero maintenance (although you can add a bit of moisture balm or hair oil while it’s drying, depending on your hair texture).

I did the no-brush-after-showering thing for two weeks. And the craziest thing happened: I stopped needing conditioner. My hair was SO soft and SO healthy, people were complimenting it left and right. Perhaps it was the lack of hot tools (although I don’t use hot tools on the regular), perhaps it was the non-brushing. Whatever it was, my hair is the healthiest it’s been since I started coloring it (when I was three – I kid!).

So that I don’t have to wash my hair on the daily, I do the “wash your bangs” trick every other day – recap here – (and I DO brush just the bangs, down toward my forehead so that they don’t dry like a poufy lion’s mane — if you have bangs, face fringe, or layers).

Hassle – and tangle – free hair in mere minutes. Try it.

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