Tips To Eradicate Backne

Tips To Eradicate Backne

Backne: acne on the back. Not a fun topic but a necessary one now that we are well into Spring (then Summer – YAY). The last thing you want is a big, blistering pimple chilling on the nape of your neck. I can’t think of anything less attractive – well, of course, unless it was taking up residence on your face!

The creators of Kairos –the first ever hair care line designed to treat acne– Nurse Practictioner, Catherine Parker and Registered Nurse, Doreen Campbell have put together a list just for YOU on ways in which to eradicate backne:

  • A very simple tip is changing your pillowcase more often. Oils from your hair care products and also just your natural production of oils create a loop of contact from your pillowcase back on to your skin all night long.
  • Use a treatment. Kairos Acne Care Solutions Oil-Reducing Pore Perfecting Treatment can be used directly on the back to help prevent breakouts and clear acne. This product contains salicylic acid which is a mild exfoliator that gently gets rids dead skin over time and helps dry up lesions without irritating them.
  • You should toss your loofah or back brush, (if you use one) after 3 or 4 months of use because they accumulate bacteria over time.
  • Change out of your workout clothes immediately after exercising or sweating and shower or rinse off.
  • Definitely do not pick at your bacne. Never squeeze the lesions on your chest, back or other areas of your body can cause unsightly scarring and blemishes, as well as the risk of infection due to the bacteria that can be transferred from your fingernails to the affected skin.
  • You must evaluate your diet. Many people think that foods like chocolate, greasy foods, or sodas cause acne breakouts. When, in reality, there are no studies that prove that is the case. What has been proven is that the hormones that are added to our dairy and meat products can definitely increase acne on your face and back. If you are a dairy or meat lover, try switching to organic foods instead and see if that doesn’t help reduce your breakouts.
  • Simple relaxation is a must! Stress causes an increase in hormonal release, and as we just mentioned, hormones can wreak havoc on acne. Just some downtime everyday to regroup and relax can work wonders for our appearance!

Kairos Acne Care Solutions offers a line of seven hair care products that are completely safe for acne sufferers. They contain only safe oils and also contain acne-fighting medication so that not only do they prevent acne, they also fight existing acne. More info on Kairos products by clicking here.

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