The XEN Life

The XEN Life

When hair-crazed Jenny likes a product, you can’t get her to stop gabbing about it. So, naturally, I did a little research on her latest and greatest discovery: Xen Sunless Tan products. She’s not the only one in lust with the award winning formulas. Everyone from Lucky to Elle have raved about the amazing tan these products give off.

Here’s what hair-crazed Jenny has to say:

“I use the foam on my face. It’s one color for all skin tones. It seamlessly belnds into my skin and gives me the most amazing olive complexion. Nothing orange about it at all. I look like I’ve spent the entire day in the sun – that’s bhow natural the color is.”

Apparently — as I’ve never actually used the products — Xen has Natural Olive Undertone, like a real suntan; Superior Moisturizers, high level of DHA (Active Ingredient); and No Streaking.

They have a myriad of products to choose from like Dark Lotion Absolute and, Jenny’s favorite, the Mousse Intense (pictured) which is oil and paraben-free and can be used on both face and body. They also have a Face Tanner and a Mist Intense which is an oil-free, paraben-free, quick-drying spray for those of you who enjoy an automizer applicator. Products range between $19.00 to $56.00.

Watch out St. Tropez!

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