The Truth About CBD Oil

By October 4, 2018 One Comment

The Truth About CBD Oil

The newest ingredient to get the beauty industry buzzing is CBD oil (yes, the stuff derived from cannabis). But does it work? Or is it all just part of the marketing hype machine?

It’s important to note that many companies are putting CBD oil into products with the promise of alleviating pain (so it’s not all about getting you gorgeous, it actually has some medicinal benefits, similar to smoking pot — or so they say). One brand – which we will not call out – sent us their entire range of products, from body lotions that were meant to tame muscle soreness to face cream that was meant to, well, who really knows.

We tried the body cream on our shoulders post a very intense yoga session and felt — nada. There is a ton of research done on smoking pot and hemp and the positive effects that can have on pain, but we wanted to know why brands were suddenly putting CBD oil into lotions, serums, and the like. Does this stuff work topically, without making you feel “high” (or giving you a bad case of the munchies)?

Armed with so many unanswered questions, we asked a cannabis investor to give us the low down on whether or not CBD oil does, in fact, make you prettier (and pain-free).

“CBD does not get absorbed through your skin.” Full stop. He goes on the say that: “it doesn’t get into your blood stream and if it doesn’t get in your blood stream, it doesn’t get to the endocannabinoid system. There is no endocannabinoid system in your skin.” Translation: it’s impossible for CBD oil to work topically.

So, how does CBD actually work then? “You can ingest cbd through your lungs, sublingual, or stomach.” Yes, you can smoke it and eat it, but that’s about it.

Alas, another ingredient that isn’t worth the hype. Save your money, ladies. Stick to smoking the herb, not applying it (but note that smoking anything can cause wrinkles around the mouth area, so perhaps you’ll want to eat it…pot brownies, anyone?).

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