The Skinny on a Good Brow…

The Skinny on a Good Brow…

Self-proclaimed, “Queen of Eyebrows,” NYC’s Boom Boom Beauty Bar offers some excellent brow tips…

Here are our faves:

1 A perfectly done brow is an instant eyelift — no Botox necessary.

2 There is NO such thing as natural beauty! Brows need as much attention
as any other part of your beauty regimen. INVEST!!

3 Hollywood legends are legendary for a reason, think Liz Taylor,
Brooke Shield’s and J’Lo’s brows…find a brow that works for you and copy it.
Just steer clear of “The Unibrow!”

4 Everyone has a tendency to get carried away when tweezing. Boom Boom
doesn’t believe in a thin brow or a thin woman!

5 Your brows are sisters, not twins! They will never be identical, they
should be proportionate, not exactly the same.

6 Your eyebrow’s frame your face. If your brows are too far apart, it will
create the illusion that your nose looks wider – yikes!

7 Brow pencil usually looks fake. Use brow powder to fill in the brow only
where there is hair. Unless you want to look like your Aunt Audrey, powder
it and keep it real!

And for brows that we’d want to emulate, check out Ms. Natalie Portman from the Cannes Film Festival… she is beyond gorge, and her eyebrows really do frame those incredible brown eyes… HOTNESS!

And here’s a pair of eyebrows NOT to emulate… in fact, stay far away from trying to duplicate anything about this sad disaster (that hair, those roots, that eye makeup, OH MY)…

Who do YOU think has the best brows? Leave your choice for best celeb brows in the comment box below!

Boom Boom Beauty Bar is located at 35 7th Ave. NY, NY 10011 (212) 229-2666

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