The Moroccan Method.

The Moroccan Method.

I spent this past weekend in the Hampton’s with my dear friend, Arden Wohl, and I couldn’t help but notice how incredible her hair looked. It was mildly wavy, shining and completely healthy. When I asked what she’d been doing to get her hair in such great shape, she quipped, “The Moroccan Method.” Now, I like to consider myself an avid beauty enthusiast but even I lamented, “oh, Moroccan Oil. Yeah, that stuff is awesome.”

Well, trusted readers, The Moroccan Method is not to be confused with Moroccan Oil, as I soon discovered. So, I asked Arden to review and explain the products in her own words. Here’s what she had to say:

“I find that my friends and I are constantly thinking about putting the purest and cleanest elements inside of our body but not so much when it comes to our beauty products. when I discovered the Moroccan Method hair products my entire view of appropriate beauty regiment changed. This is the most graceful RAW product hair. You can get it at Organic Avenue. Why just eat raw/vegan, shampoo raw!!

The Moroccan Method leaves hair non frizzy – flaxen, shiny,  – it doesn’t foam up – at all – and you can’t tell the shampoo or conditioner apart. They both look like thick, sludge and mud. They have green algae and other aquatic plants in the recipe. If you’ve lost curl due to damage and color damage it will bring the curl back without frizz. It seems to feed the hair.

Since using these products, I’ve never had more compliments on my hair. The hair looks alive and full of structure and shine. Full integrity to the hair!

Its definitely not a sexy product and you have to clean the shower well after using. However – its the cleanest most amazing, truest product I have ever used!”

The Moroccan Method is 100% Natural, Wild Crafted Organic, Raw – Vegan and Gluten Free Hair Care.

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