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The MILLION DOLLAR Question: Did Megan Fox Get A Nose Job?

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By October 24, 2008 9 Comments

The MILLION DOLLAR Question: Did Megan Fox Get A Nose Job?

A very astute fellow beauty whore sent me these pics, claiming that hottie actress and Angelina Jolie wannabe, Megan Fox, did, in fact, get a (GASP!) nose job!



What I do know: Megan definitely hired a new stylist, makeup artist, eyebrow specialist, adopted a new do, and shed some major pounds (especially in the mug – unless, of course, her makeup artist is a pro at shading). It also looks very suspect that in the first two pictures, Megan has a massive bump on the bridge of her nose, and in the latter two pics, that bump is mysteriously gone (or shaved off).  Hmmmm… 

YOU DECIDE!!! And if she did, what doctor takes credit for the fab work???

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