The Do’s & Don’ts of Microneedling

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Microneedling

Back in the day, Angelina Jolie incited a frenzy within the beauty community when she gave props to derma rolling, also known as microneedling, as a beneficial at-home anti-aging treatment. The only place you could purchase this illusive contraption was on Amazon (or spend hundreds of dollars for an in-office procedure), but the needles could make any girl a bit squeamish, especially considering you were supposed to roll them onto your own face.

A couple of years later and beauty brands have effectively launched safer, less scary microneedling devices — but do they work? Is this really something we should be doing? Rolling tiny needles all over our face at home?

As it turns out, yes, yes we should.  The claims are true.  Microneedling stimulates collagen and elastin production, and who doesn’t love that?  And don’t even get us started on that glow.  All that being said, this not a process that should be done casually or without thought.  In an effort to be extra careful, we reached out to Nurse Jamie (one of the OGs of microneedling) for some insider advice. Here is what you simply must know before even opening the box.

DO start out slow.  If you’re afraid of needles or have very sensitive skin, consider the slightly kinder and gentler Nurse Jamie Beauty Stamp ($50).

DO fully cleanse your face (consider a double) before you begin.

DON’T order a third-party janky device off Amazon.  Instead, rely on a thoughtfully designed device with a safe needle length.  For microneedling aficionados, we favor the GloPRO MicroStimulation Facial Tool ($199).

DON’T press the device into your skin with pressure. Gentle, people!  Follow Nurse Jamie’s instructions: “The idea that the harder you push the better the results is false.  Some pressure is good, but more is not necessarily better.  One pass gently is all that is needed.”

DO sterilize your device with alcohol after every.single.use.

DON’T follow with a serum with active or harsh ingredients as dermarolling enhances the effectiveness of your products.  Try something soothing and calming like the Nurse Jaime EGF Stem Cell Complex ($125).

DON’T roll over open wounds.  Just don’t.   Nurse Jamie explained that “Areas with acne, inflammation or bruising need calming not active engagement or mechanical cellular turnover.”

DO consider using it on parts of your body that need some TLC, like above your knee cap or on the tops of your hands.

DON’T roll in the morning since “makeup and sunscreen should be avoided immediately after treatment.”

DO keep your expectations in check.  While the results of microneedling are fantastic, this is not truly a medical procedure.  Don’t get us wrong – you will be happy with the skin improvements it offers.  But that doesn’t mean it’s surgery!

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