The Do’s & Don’ts of Eyelash Extensions

The Do’s & Don’ts of Eyelash Extensions

Even the most low-maintenance woman will be shocked at how life-changing lash extensions can be.  Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sentence is – but they really are unbelievable.  Not to mention, waking up in the morning with a gorgeous set of lashes can have you feeling Beyoncé level flawless; no under-eye concealer or skin reviving luminizer required.  To further emphasize my enthusiasm, know that under-eye concealer is my desert island beauty must-have.

While the results are certainly eye-opening, the process is one that should be thoroughly researched prior to making an appointment. And the aftercare is no joke!  If you thought you knew everything about lash extensions, keep reading for the inside scoop from celebrity lash expert (and my guru!) Clementina Richardson, founder of Envious Lashes. If Naomi Campbell and Mary J. Blige can trust her, so can you.

DO know that lashes are a commitment. Lashes last three to four weeks, so unless you want to get them properly removed, you need to plan for refills.

DO your research! Lash extensions are an intricate process, and the latest Gilt City deal is not always the best choice.  I’ve had good and bad sets of extensions, and let me tell you that the latter is simply not worth saving a few bucks.

DON’T apply mascara over your extensions. As Clementina explained, “mascara will not be needed if the correct volume is properly applied, so it will only cause lashes to break or fall out.”

DO consider bringing your favorite music or mindfulness app to zone out and unwind during the process. Podcasts work too, just make sure it isn’t anything that will make you laugh.  Prepare to stay still for about two hours; napping is certainly encouraged.

DON’T rub your eyes or get your lashes wet less than 48 hours post application. While it takes a bit of getting used to (who knew how nice it was to put the shower stream directly on your face?!), it isn’t impossible, especially if you rely on these to wash your face.  We’re not saying you can’t ever wash the eye area, but know that they will last longer if you actively avoid your lash line.

DON’T think you can’t break a sweat with falsies. My lashes make it through steamy visits to Barry’s Bootcamp, but I never go immediately after getting them.  48-hours is the golden rule when it comes to waiting.

DO purchase an oil-free makeup remover. Anything with oil will cause the extensions to fall out prematurely. TRY: Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Dual-Action Eye Makeup Remover ($24)

DON’T use an eyelash curler on extensions. If you really feel you need to curl, you probably need to switch your eyelash place You should absolutely not need to curl your extension as a good set already has a nice bend to them.

DO use a lash serum on your lash line to keep natural lashes hydrated and healthy without breaking down the glue. TRY: Envious Lashes Luxuriating Lash Condition Serum ($75)

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