The Anti-Aging Face Massage

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The Anti-Aging Face Massage

Can a daily face massage really halt the aging process? Yep! This secret Japanese beauty technique has been around for centuries, and now Tatcha Skincare’s founder Vicky Tsai fills us in on how to massage your face for optimal ant-aging results (plus the one tool you need to own). Massage your worries – and wrinkles – away today!

What is the history of the facial massager?

“When we tracked down and translated our 200-year old beauty bible, we learned that sometimes the most sophisticated techniques and ingredients are also the simplest. The first chapter discussed the benefits of microcirculation to rejuvenate the complexion. We see now the same benefits after a facial—that glowing skin is the result of the invigorating facial massage.

We were inspired by this simple, efficacious technique, and the centuries of history behind it. Working with jewelry designer Elizabeth Rose, we created our Akari Gold Massager to bring these rituals to life, so that anyone can enjoy the benefits of facial massage on their own.”

What are the benefits?

“The author of our beauty bible said that many of the issues we associate with aging—fine lines, tired eyes, dull and dry skin—are actually a result of too much bad blood, not enough good blood. Promoting microcirculation brings fresh blood to the skin, spiriting away fine lines, brightening the eyes and creating a glowing complexion.”

How do you use a facial massager?

“Our Akari Gold Massager and the techniques we use with it are inspired by Japanese acupressure. The 24-karat gold leaf is wrapped around a thermal core, so the tool retains temperature. Keep it in the fridge or immerse it in ice water for an awakening and revitalizing massage in the morning, or immerse it in warm water for a relaxing massage in the evening.”

How can we give ourselves this 5 minute facial massage?

“To lift and rejuvenate the skin, begin at the chin and move the cold massager up and out. Repeat the motion at the nose and forehead, always moving up (because gravity pulls down) and out. To relax and promote lymphatic drainage, begin on top of the head behind the hairline. Move forward and back, then move down towards the forehead and nose. Move outwards and then down behind the ears to help drain away toxins.”

What differences should we expect to see?

“Daily massage will help to spirit away puffiness, red or dull skin, dryness ,and fine lines. The complexion is left revitalized and glowing.”


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