The 5 Best Tips For Beautiful Brows

The 5 Best Tips For Beautiful Brows

Okay, so full, bushy Cara Delevingne brows are still a thing. And this likely won’t change any time in the near future. If you’re like me and middle school over-plucking has led to a less than enviable brow situation, then a few key products and makeup artist tricks are exactly what you need to achieve brows that wow. Note, put those tweezers away, ladies!

Here are the five best tips for beautiful brows:

1. Use a growth serum. Yes, they work. There are a bunch of products that promise to give you “fuller brows in eight weeks,” but the two enhancing serums that I’m a fan of are RapidBrow and NeuBrow. RapidBrow ($27) comes with a spoolie brush applicator so it’s literally like using brow gel, and since NeuBrow ($100) is applied with a thin bristled brush (like nail polish), it allows you to spend extra time spot treating those seriously sparse areas (I recommend this enhancer for thinner brows). The key is to use diligently for two months.

2. Use a highlighting pencil to hide new hair growth. Since the key to fuller brows is actually growing more hairs (refer to number 1), you’ll need a product that covers the new hair growth until it blends in with your actual arches. This is a highlighting pencil. Find one in a matte formula that has the undertones of your natural skin color (if you have pink undertones, a pink pencil; yellow undertones should use a more yellow pencil). Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil ($18) comes in three shades and not only covers new hair growth, but works to help define your arch, too. To apply, draw a line under your brow, following the shape of the arch that you are hoping to achieve, and use your finger to gently blend from inner corner to outer. Try it — it’s a serious brow saver.

3. Your eyebrow color matters. I recently read that people with darker hair should make their brows one to two shades lighter than their hair color, and those with lighter locks should aim for brows that are a shade or two darker. So, last time I had my hair highlighted, I also had my brows lightened ever-so-slightly… and it made all of the difference. I don’t know why this trick gives brows a new life, but it does. Usually, you’d think that darker brows produce thicker results, and that’s true. But sometimes, taking the edge off of the color allows you to paint them into the shape you want — without having them look so fake. Give it a try.

4. Pencil vs. Powder, the debate. Which to use? Why not try both! Rule of thumb, powders will give you a softer effect, but if you need serious arch help, opt for a pencil. When choosing a pencil, find one that isn’t too soft, but definitely isn’t dragging because it’s so hard. You want it to be malleable enough to blend, but strong enough to stay in place. I love a slanted tip, so Dolce & Gabbana Beauty’s Shapping Eyebrow Pencil is my go-to. It comes in four shades and the pencil never has to be sharpened so you get perfect lines every time! For powders, I’m a fan of dual colors so that you can mix them into the correct shade. Try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo ($18), which comes in 11 shade option, or Ardell Brow Defining Kit ($14), which gives you everything, including an angled brush and brow wax!

5. Use a brow gel — and use it like this. I recently read that we’ve been applying our brow gel wrong. To really get into those sparse areas and coat every brow hair, you’re actually supposed to apply from brow tail to front in a backwards motion, then from front to tail in an upwards motion. Popsugar writes: “Maybelline global brow expert Maribeth Madron recommends starting with the tail and brushing the hairs in toward the nose first. This coats the back of every follicle in product, giving your brows more volume and definition. Then, brush brows up from inner corner to the tip.” I tried it, and I have yet to go back to applying the cop-out way. My absolute favorite brow gel is Benefit Gimme Brow ($24); it’s tinted, comes with a tiny spoolie applicator perfect for your arches, and has fibers in the formula that adhere to sparse areas of the skin to create fuller, volumized brows. Genius, people.

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